Buying replacement windows is hard now days. There aren’t only so many brands to choose from but options that exist within the windows themselves are overwhelming. The newest feature in replacement windows is blinds that are built in. They also bombard us with choices between different styles of shades that can be placed within the glass. In just a few years the choices have gone from single to double pane to about a hundred different combination of windows and blinds.

Windows with the blinds built directly in them aren’t only for people who can afford extra luxuries anymore. They are now reasonably priced. When you price out windows without the built in blinds along with what window treatments it comes out almost dead even. As with any window and window treatment there are certain advantages and disadvantages. It is always the best option to take into consideration your wants and needs to determine if the product is correct for you.

Advantages of replacement windows with the blinds built in:

Windows with blinds encased between the glass are better for people with severe dust allergies because the dust isn’t landing on the blinds and allowed to build up. Instead the dust that would be collecting on the mini blinds is falling to the floor and able to be swept up.

• The cords are also built in between the glass so there is no chance that your pets and children can get caught up in them and strangled.

• The blinds are encased so they don’t endure the same build up of dirt and dust that typical mini blinds do.

• They are easier to keep clean because the dirt and dust does not get trapped leaving a thick grime to remove.

• A house with little kids and pets tend to bend typical plastic mini blinds. This is not possible with replacement windows that have blinds encased within them.

• Windows that have the blinds built in tend to have a sleeker, classy look to them. They defiantly add value and curb appeal to your home.

Disadvantages of replacement windows with the blinds built in:

• They are more expensive than typical replacement windows. This being said compare the cost of new windows and window treatments to the cost of windows with blinds built inside of them.

• Most companies only offer their own selection of blinds to use. You might not be able to match your décor which for some people is a make or break deal. Make sure to check out the company’s options if this is something that is important to you.

• Another disadvantage is that when you do change the blinds out you will need help. You need to actually take out the inside pain of glass and switch the blinds out so be prepared to have an extra set of hands on hand when attempting this.

Make sure you weigh out all the advantages and disadvantages of whatever replacement windows you are choosing between. Be sure to check out the different companies that make windows with blinds inside them. Do a cost analysis on the replacement window and window treatments to do a fair price analysis against the windows with shades built in. Also consider all of the pros and cons of each design you are considering so that in the end your final decision has put all options into proper perspective.