Windows with blinds between the glass are the latest rage in home design. They are a little bit more expensive than other replacement windows but when you add up the energy savings, savings on window treatments and time savings you are getting a true value. In doing research I have found that your options of window treatments for windows with blinds between the glass are not as limited as when the product was first developed. If you were turned off at the concept because you felt limited to mini-blinds or accordion shades then you will be excited at the following new options in replacement windows.

We will start with the basic snap in blind. You now have color choices that will let you match your interior without adding additional curtains to the windows. Shades come in many different colors so be sure to check with your manufacturer before settling on off white. You will be surprised at how accommodating the choices are. You can also custom order the windows for the décor in each of your rooms. The windows do not need to all be ordered with the same color. Another feature that many clients don’t realize with the new blinds is that they are easier than ever to snap in and out. If your rooms look changes so can your blinds. The other thing I just love about these built in shades is that they create a consistent look from room to room. Even if the colors are different the basic concept is the same and to some consumer this is a huge selling point.

Another feature between the glass windows are featuring is cellular shades with different fabrics available. The nice feature about this is that even if you are adding a splash of pizzazz to your room décor the curb appeal is kept uniform by the backing that is placed on the shade. The white or cream backing provides a neutral look to the windows. If you want your home to have a uniform look from the curb these fabric cellular shades can give you that while providing a custom look to the interior. Another great feature about cellular shades is that they are able to be opened from the top or bottom. This is important especially in houses where the floor level is equal to the street. To prevent people from being able to see in your home you can have the shades open from just the top.

This is probably my favorite new product available for windows with the between the glass feature, patterned panels. These are perfect for basements and bathrooms. You still have one hundred percent of the light while keeping one hundred percent of your privacy. When looking into windows with between the glass features check out the different panel design options. I am sure there is one that you will fall in love with.

Last, but not least, are grilles. This is my least favorite option but people like the decorative appeal they provide. Some people don’t realize this but you can use grilles and blinds together. This gives a dimensional look to your windows from the road without the hassle of cleaning separate squares like you would have to do if the grilles were on the outside of the window.

Hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for in your replacement windows. Remember when shopping to do a price analysis that includes window treatment cost and I think you will agree that windows with built-ins and windows without are fairly close in cost. This is especially true once you take into consideration the cost of window treatments.