What are the few things you want when you are purchasing a new home?  Those are the things as a seller you should be thinking about when preparing your home for sale.  Your home is a real estate investment for you when you sell or when you buy.  The goal is to get the best price for the home you are selling and get a deal on the one you are buying.

If you are looking to get the most out of the sale of your home the first piece of advice to consider is the condition of your home.  It is not enough to mow the lawn and retouch some of the scuff marks on the walls with paint you need to get the professionals in to repair the roof and fix the plumbing. It isn’t enough to only make the real estate investment aesthetically pleasing it has to be structurally strong and in complete working order.  The process of having the home inspected should be flawless.

Find a real estate agent that has experience selling homes in your area and is able to move a house in the economic time we are in.  You want to know the agents stats.  Find out how long it takes the realtor to sell a home on average as well as how long it takes the agent to find a home when working with a buyer.  The average time to sell a home from start to close should be no more than four months.  The same is true when looking to purchase a home.  It should take you agent no more than four months of looking to know what you want and to find it for you.

The best tips that can be offered are tips that remind buyers that they to are sellers and the opposite.  When selling your home you know what you are looking for in purchasing a new home, make your home exactly what you would be looking for.  Essentially you are one in the same when it comes to real estate when you are selling or buying a home.