Jewelry is a gift that lasts a lifetime.  Jewelry is given on many different occasions to signify many different events.  Diamond jewelry is a favorite to receive and can be given for other occasions than just engagements.  The good thing is that truth be told diamond jewelry can be given anytime for any occasion.


Diamond earrings are a favorite gift to be given to the young ladies in our family on their sixteenth birthdays.  It is a symbol and token of our love and trust.  Families give jewelry to signify many different life events.  Our son will receive a pair of white gold cufflinks and tie tack upon his high school prom.  I like to believe that jewelry is a gift that signifies growing up and moving on.  If we think about it isn’t that what engagement rings and wedding bands are all about?


Custom jewelry can be a special gift.  Something that is semi new to the market is bracelets such as Pandora bracelets where charms can be added that represent the person wearing the piece. The charms come in several styles representing hobbies, colors, vacation destinations, sports and so on that help to define the receiver.


Antique jewelry is another popular option in jewelry gift pieces. These can be true antique pieces which are found along the way at antique shops or pieces that have been replicated to resemble antique pieces.


The great thing about jewelry is that as long as you are thinking about the person receiving the piece you should hit a home run.  Jewelry is a gift that keeps on giving!