There are so many reasons that homeowners consider adding a fence to the perimeter of their homes or even just their backyards.  When it comes to installing a fence the very first matter you must take into account is exactly that; why are you adding a fence to your yard?  This one question can help determine so many things from what height the fence should be to what material to use.

If your goal in fencing in your yard is privacy then you will want to consider only fencing that blocks the site lines.  For this you will need solid fencing, which means that the vertical pickets prevent people from seeing out or seeing in.  Privacy fence is also at least six feet tall to prevent neighbors from seeing over your fence.  Privacy fencing comes in a variety of materials.  Wood is the most common material in privacy fencing but also tends to be the material that requires the most maintenance.

When installing a fence for security the main goal is a fence of substantial height.  A fence of six feet or taller will work to keep outsiders from jumping over the fence into the yard.  The addition of pickets or other spiky tops also help to deter climbing.  Fences with smooth outer faces and rails create a fence that is almost impossible to climb. Security fencing also comes in a variety of materials with the most common being aluminum.  Wholesale aluminum fencing is popular when looking for security fencing because it is practically maintenance free.  It is also popular because although it cost a bit more initially it tends to add the most value to your home without additional maintenance costs.

If you are only looking to establish property lines, boost curb appeal, or add appeal to your landscape, decorative fencing is what you are looking to install.  Decorative aluminum fencing is a great option for long lasting fencing with little to know maintenance required to keep it looking as good as the day it was first installed.  Wholesale aluminum fencing comes in a variety of ornamental styles to choose from.  There are at least a dozen colors to choose from and a myriad of decorative touches that can be added to your aluminum fencing.  Decorative fencing ranges in a variety of heights depending on what is complementary to your home and landscape.

If you are looking for safety fencing you also have a variety of choices in materials to choose from.  The main concern is that the pool fencing you choose meets the regulations set forth by B.O.C.A. as well as local regulations.  Aluminum fencing is a popular option when installing a fence for pool safety.

Aluminum is a popular choice no matter what the reason you are looking to install a fence.  Purchasing wholesale aluminum fencing online is a great way to get a superior deal on a practically maintenance free fence for your landscape.

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