There are a variety of fence alternatives that have emerged used to help homeowners contain their dogs within the perimeter of the front or back yard of your home. Dog owners must consider the alternatives to determine the best option for containing their pet as well as what option is the most cost and time effective.

When homeowners have a dog containment is often an issue. Dogs by nature like to explore spaces outside of their natural environment. No matter what breed the family dog will attempt to either jump over the wholesale aluminum fence¬†you have installed or dig underneath it. To avoid both you can install a fence that is tall enough the dog can’t jump it and doesn’t have any horizontal bars within the style that it can use to assist in giving the dog height. The other option is to install an aluminum fence that has the option to add puppy pickets to the aluminum fencing panels. Puppy pickets are an added layer on aluminum fencing that detours dogs from accessing the outside world through digging. The puppy pickets extend the fence panel further into the ground and higher into the pickets to prevent dogs from digging or getting additional leverage.

Choosing between a structural fence and an invisible fence is difficult. One of the major advantages of structural fencing is that it prevents a physical barrier that not only prevents dogs from escaping but intruders from entering. A structural fence, especially wholesale aluminum fencing is a preferred pet containment system for the perimeter of a home’s landscape because of its added benefits over invisible fencing. Invisible fencing does not block your home and landscape’s visual appeal however it also doesn’t add anything to it like the variety of colors and styles aluminum fencing can offer to homeowners.

Invisible fencing is safe for animals however does nothing to prevent outside intruders or children from entering and exiting the property where as wholesale aluminum fencing does both. Another major benefit of installing an aluminum fence on top of containment is the aesthetically pleasing and adds value to your home’s value.

Aluminum fencing is costly; in fact it is more expensive than invisible fencing however it also adds to the worth of the home. Invisible fencing adds no real value to future homeowners as its sole purpose is to contain their pet. When the home is sold the new homeowners will have little use for an invisible fence unless they too have an animal that needs to be kept in the yard. Once aluminum fencing is installed it continues to be purposeful for all future owners.

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