When buying jewelry it is best to decide a few things before shopping.  It is always wise to set a budget up before you shop for any large purchases, jewelry is not an exception.  Think about the metal and stones you would like as well the brand of the piece if this is important to you.  If you put some thought into the purchase beforehand you are less likely to purchase a piece on impulse.  Many impulse purchase end with unhappy consumers, don’t let this happen to you.

If you have never made a major jewelry purchase it is important to do some research so that you understand the lingo involved in the purchase.  This is especially true when it comes to a purchase such as a diamond engagement ring.  There is a lot to learn about buying diamonds, settings and metal choices of the actual band.

Purchasing a piece of jewelry is becoming just as common online as at the store.  There are a few things to ask and check out whether purchasing online or at a retail location.  The first and most important question to ask and have answered is about the refund and return policy.  This is important for many different reasons.  One of course you want to return a piece if the recipient does not like the piece or it does not fit correctly.  Make sure this is possible no matter where you purchase the jewelry from.

If purchasing pearls you will want to know if you are purchasing natural, cultured or imitation.  This should be reflected in the cost associated with the piece.   With gemstones you will want to know similar information as well.  Find out if the gemstone is natural, lab created or imitations.  This will help to determine that you are properly caring for the piece as stones each have a different way of being cared for.

When purchasing jewelry make sure the company that you are purchasing from is a legitimate jeweler.  This will take some research on your end as well. This is important no matter who you are purchasing the piece from. You will want to determine reputability. Even retailers with large names and store fronts can have bad reputations that should be avoided.

As with any large purchase the more research that is done the better prepared you will find yourself when it comes to making the purchase.  Online purchasing is becoming a way to save a lot of money when it comes to buying jewelry.  The mark up tends to be less as the overhead for online retailers is not as heavy as that of store front jewelers.