The real estate market is back on in 2013!  Below you will find tips for selling your home that will make your home desirable to the influx of buyers.

  • Tip One: Hire a realtor with experience and a familiar name in your area.  This is the single most important piece of information anyone can give homeowners in the market to sell their homes.   Hiring a realtor people know by name is beneficial as they will already have a distinguished customer base and name recognition needed in the real estate industry.  Top realtors work on building a reputation over time this reputation allows them to sell your home.
  • Tip Two: Become nostalgic. This home has held many memories for you and your family.  It will do the same for the next family.  Your goal is to make it desirable for them to want to build their memories in your old home. What is the best way to do this?  You tube of course!  With the help of your real estate agent create a video in which you reminisce about the home, the memories in it, the updates you made and the shared times.  Walk around the neighborhood – share with the potential buyer all the benefits of your neighborhood.
  • Tip Three: When showing your home the goal is to let the potential buyer see themselves in it.  To do this you need to make the home as “bland” as possible.  This includes removing clutter and personalization.  Personalization include family portraits, religious decor and miscellaneous memorabilia.

Making the process as easy as possible for both yourselves and the buyer is the key to having a successful experience in selling your home.  Hiring the right realtor will allow you to have this experience.  Selling your home is stressful enough as you too are contemplating the purchase of a new home and move.   Make this period in time as short and stress free as possible. Get your home on the market, sold and move on at lightning speed with the help of the above tips and a top notch real estate professional.