Computers are one of the most exciting and infuriating technological advances known to man.  Everywhere you turn you are faced with the need for computers.  One of the major problems with this is when it fails we are at a total loss.  Computers hold are lives and for many of us out livelihoods as well.  Without a computer work stops, messages don’t get returned and calendars disappear.  It is so important that when our computers break down that we have somewhere reliable to turn to in order to get our worlds back up and functioning in the manner we are accustom to.

When you find a quality computer repair shop you will instantly know it.  Not only will the shop offer reliable services at a reasonable fee they will speak to you in English not technology.  A good computer repair shop with hire technicians that are capable of repairing a variety of issues both related to computer hardware and software.   The technician will also be able to tell you what caused the issue, ways to prevent it and how it was fixed in a way that novices can understand.  Good computer repair shops offer the ability to repair the issue and how to explain the technicality of it to even the most basic user.

You should always be able to authenticate the computer repair shop.  This will allow you to see that the shop is conducting business legally.   You should never trust your computer repairs to a company or individual who seems to have just set up shop.   Look for a repair shop with a reputation both locally and online.

When you are looking to have your computer repaired it usually hasn’t come at a time that is convenient.  Most repairs are urgent.  When you choose a computer repair company for your residential computer or your commercial I.T. needs be sure that they are equipped with the latest tools and equipment needed to repair your system immediately.  Of course there will be situations where parts are needed that the shop does not have in stock.  The effects of this are lessened when the shop collaborates with part providers who are willing to ship next day.

Finding a computer repair shop is not difficult.  Finding one that is reliable and able to maintain its technicians can be.  For the best I.T. results both residentially and commercially find an I.T. company with low turnover and high employee retention.  This will allow you to be serviced by the same few technicians on a regular basis whether you need your computer worked on in the shop or you need a technician to your home or business.  A company with technicians that are familiar with your computer systems and network decreases the time it takes for them to diagnosis a problem.  This is the same thing you want when working with a doctor, lawyer or other specialty.  The less you have to repeat to someone knew each time the fewer details that are lost and the quicker the problem can be diagnosed and repaired.

It’s not difficult to find a computer repair shop; they seem to be popping up on every corner these days. The problem is that you need more than an average corner repair shop when it comes to something as valuable as your computer.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at