The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the nation’s top shipping companies during the holiday season. During the 2021 season, USPS processed over 13.2 billion cards, letters, postcards, and packages. That number is expected to rise this season. 

Isaac Cronkhite, chief processing and distribution officer said, “We have been preparing for this all year. It’s on the calendar. We know it is coming and what kind of volumes to expect. It’s predictable, and therefore not a surprise when the workload increases.”

Ahead of the busy holiday season, USPS has prepared with a few strategic tactics, including: 

  • Transitioned 100,000 part-time employees to full-time 
  • Employed 28,000 seasonal employees
  • Increased overall processing and capacity to 60 million, up by seven million from 2021
  • Implemented 249 new package processing machines
  • Strategically added eight-and-a-half million square feet across 52 buildings nationwide
  • Leased an extra 1,900 trailers for the season 
  • Readied 222,682 delivery vehicles 
  • Updated operations to ensure trucks leave on time, delivering mail expeditiously
  • Improved technology by adding 6,000 computer tablets to the workroom floors
  • Leased an additional 17 temporary mail processing facilities and 71 delivery annexes 

“We are ensuring we have the right staffing and equipment so that the additional workload can be processed effectively and efficiently,” Cronkhite said. 

With the increases in critical investments in employee and technological realms, USPS has been readying for months. Their 10-year strategic plan, called Delivering for America, was implemented in 2021, aimed at transforming USPS into a self-sustaining, high-performing operation. 

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said, “Successfully delivering for the holidays is a cornerstone of our Delivering for America 10-year plan. Thanks to the 655,000 women and men of the Postal Service, recent investments, and operational precision improvements, we are ready to be the most used delivery provider this holiday season.” 

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