Businesses of all sizes are increasingly susceptible to viruses and phishing scams. As hackers constantly update and change their tactics, employees fall prey to new schemes, and companies become vulnerable. 

The 2022 Small Business Cybersecurity Report by Comcast Business reported that during the 12-month span between July 2021 to June 2022, 55 percent of Comcast Business customers were victims of botnet attacks, and 50 percent fell victim to malware and phishing attacks. Phishing scams specifically targeted financial brands, which made up 41 percent, and high-tech brands, at 36 percent. 

Shena Seneca Tharnish, VP for cybersecurity products at Comcast Business, said, “Attackers do not just target large enterprises. Recent reporting shows companies with less than 100 employees are three times more likely to be the target of a cyberattack – yet, often lack sufficient cybersecurity measures and resources to manage their risk.”

Small and medium-sized businesses can minimize their risk of falling vulnerable to phishing attacks by implementing anti-virus programs, firewalls, and network security solutions. However, this is not a “cure-all” for every business. 

Ivan Shefrin, executive director at Comcast Business, said, “These attacks are not ransomware and e-mail compromise; they are not things experienced by just large government organizations or corporations with highly valuable secrets to steal. This is really in the face of every business today.” 

Cybercriminals are constantly examining ways to target vulnerable businesses, since they typically lack security resources and professional expertise. E-mail phishing is one of the most popular tools hackers use to breach data, leading to ransomware attacks. 

To protect themselves, businesses should update their operating systems regularly. These updates generally include patches that remedy code vulnerabilities. Systems that are unpatched are much more susceptible to hackers. Employees should also undergo cybersecurity training to familiarize themselves with what to expect if a threat is imminent. 

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