Trigger finger is identified by the inability to control a finger’s movement after getting stuck in a bent position. When trying to straighten the finger(s), it rapidly snaps out with a swift motion.

The flexor tendon is responsible for bending fingers and runs through the palm. These rope-like tendons connect muscle to bone, and many are located in the forearm. Tendons connect the fingers to the palm, wrist, forearm, and so on.

Trigger finger forms when the tendon that bends fingers cannot fit through the pulley system that holds it close to the bone. This tight sheath is located in the palm, near the base of each finger. While bending a finger, a small lump can usually be felt moving up and down. Trigger finger can be relatively painful and complaints are more prominent in the morning.

Treatments for trigger finger include:

  • Splints
  • Cortisone injections
  • Surgery

Generally, non-invasive treatments are sought out before surgery is advised. During a surgical procedure, the tight pulley (called the A1) is divided so the tendon can move freely without getting stuck. A relatively simple outpatient surgery can be done in-office with a local anesthetic or in an operating room, with or without sedation.

After treatment for trigger finger, the most important thing is to keep bending your fingers as much as possible. Finger motion should be executed every waking hour. Elevation and light lifting can be done immediately. In about two- to three weeks, patients can resume normal activities.

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