Why do people choose to remodel?  When you are looking into home improvements for your home do you do so based solely on your own desires or do you renovate because of popular trends that hit the market? For those of you that improve your home based on trends that are popular this article is written directly for you.  In 2016 these are sure to be the most popular trends in the home improvement industry.

  • Replacing the entry door of your home: The curb appeal of your home is of utmost importance when it comes to home improvement projects.  One of the most lucrative projects that homeowners can undergo is replacing the homes entry door.  This is in fact one of the most valuable renovations that homeowners do as it recovers the value of the project over one hundred percent.

The average expense of an entry door replacement is anywhere between four to eight hundred and fifty dollars.  The total cost and added value does not necessarily increase the equity of the value a great deal, like full kitchen and bathroom remodels, however the return on investment of an entry door replacement is one that cannot be outdone by any other home improvement project.

  • Remodeling the homes bathrooms: Unlike an entry door replacement which is relatively inexpensive a bathroom renovation costs a good chunk of money and time to execute.  Remodeling a bathroom continues to remain the most popular option in home remodeling throughout the United States. It is the one area in the home that is used by everyone that enters your home and therefore needs to be comfortable and welcoming.

For homeowners it is the room that is entered the most.  It is one of the two most popular rooms within the home and really helps to sell your home.  If your home is identical within a subdivision it has been proven the home with the updated bathroom or kitchen will sell faster and for more money than an equivalent home for sale in which the living room or bedrooms have been updated.  The improvements within a bathroom will increase the asking price you can seek for your home upwards of sixty percent of the overall cost of the bathroom remodel including materials and labor.

  • Garage Door Additions or Remodels: When looking for projects that offer a high return on investment consider the replacement of your homes garage door.  The total overall value s not much but you are almost guaranteed to recoup the expense of the renovation.  If you replace your garage door for around one thousand dollars you can expect the sale price of your home to increase by at least the same amount.

Trendy home improvement projects aren’t always the most popular options when it comes to renovations.  Many times homeowners are interested in projects to increase the value of their home in terms of their overall use and enjoyment of the space.  No matter your reason for updating and improving your home be sure to keep trends and renovations in mind that will be popular to the masses.  It is more difficult to sell a home that has been overly customized verse one that has a number of neutral improvements.

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