Installing a new fence is not difficult to do.  There are however a few things homeowners must keep in mind prior to ordering and installing their aluminum fencing.  Spring is here and the warmer weather and budding trees inspires many do it yourselfers to get started on those projects they have been putting off.  When installing a new fence or replacing an old one review the list of common mistakes that have been made before you and how you can avoid making the same ones.

  • The Lack of Proper Planning: When it comes to home improvements the one mistake that homeowners frequently make revolves around the lack of planning.  Before ordering your new aluminum fence online take the time to make a plan of action.  Any project that is to be done around the home, especially with aluminum fencing installation, needs to have a project plan, material list and detailed installation timeline.  Proper planning allows for a smooth project that stays on task from start to finish.
  • The Lack of Proper Property Markers: This is perhaps one of the most costly mistakes to make when installing a new aluminum fence.  Have the property surveyed by a licensed surveyor prior to ordering aluminum fencing.  Even though the surveyor will use stakes to mark the property take pictures and video for future reference. If the stakes inadvertently get removed there will be visual data to support the boundary lines that are in place.  Installing the fence on property that is not yours can add exorbitant costs to your project.
  • The Lack of Properly Examining Local Zoning Laws: Not all areas allow fences to be installed.  Check with local ordinances, H.O.A.’s and such to be sure of all the requirements that must be met.  Also look into materials that are off limits, along with colors and styles that might not meet the requirements set forth.  Installing a fence that doesn’t meet the guidelines is costly.  The rules will not change just because the fence is installed so be prepared to uninstall that new fence if it doesn’t follow the guidelines in your area.
  • The Lack of Properly Checking for Underground Utilities: Make the proper phone call before you start digging.  Miss Dig will come out to the property for free and mark all of the underground utilities in the area.  Proper planning will allow you to place the fence in areas that avoid these areas.  Aluminum posts need to be dug into the ground with at least one third of the fence posts height being in the ground.  Aluminum gate posts need to be installed at a minimum of thirty inches deep.  This call is an important one.  Don’t forget to make it.

In our next installment we will cover more mistakes to avoid when installing or replacing fencing.  Small avoidable mistakes can add extra stress to a large project such as installing an aluminum fence.    Articles like this are provided to help homeowners from making the mistakes that those before them have.

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