The entire process of buying a home takes time and patience.  Home buyers are excited and often times a bit overenthusiastic to get into the home of their dreams.  This fanatical excitement can often leave home buyers to sabotage their real estate agents efforts at getting their client a home of their dreams.  When working with a realtor here are some things to be aware of to ensure a smooth home buying process.  Creating a relationship of mutual understanding between realtor and client is essential for buyers to get the home of their dreams.

Are You Guilty of Sabotaging Your New Home Dreams?

One mistake many buyers make is that they care too much about the homes aesthetics.  Professional real estate agents are happy to show you just as many houses as desire until you find the one that is perfect for you.  The problem is that many buyers can only see the beauty as it is and forget that the splendor of any home is more than meets the eye.  Initially, it may be tempting to get caught up in how the house currently looks however a house that is out of date, dirty or in need of some small handyman repairs buyers are often tempted to run and continue their search elsewhere.

Buyers should consider this instead:

The cost of improvements that need to be done to the home can be negotiated into the closing deal.  It can even be set up that the minor fixes that you would like to see done can be included in the details of the contract.

Another common mistake is that buyers often show their hand and give away any ability to negotiate.  Your comfort with your real estate agent is crucial however don’t let it get in the way of making the best deal possible with the seller.  It has happened before; many buyers start talking a bit too much when looking at homes and sellers overhear their criticisms.  When this occurs it could hurt the entire negotiation process.

When you find the home you love don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to put an offer on the table.  In a competitive real estate market there isn’t a lot of time to wait to make an offer.   Nothing drives a real estate agent nuttier than knowing they have found their buyer the perfect home and yet they aren’t ready to commit.  If you find a home you are in love with put an offer in, get the negotiation process started and begin planning for your future.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that buying a home is all about money.  Yes a large offer looks appealing but a lower offer with few contingencies and the perfect timing can appear even more tempting.

It is important to listen to your real estate agent throughout the entire process.  When you discuss with them what you want and need they are listening to you.  They are the professionals and this is what you are paying them for.  Be sure to put your faith in them, take to heart their advice and allow them to guide you down the path to homeownership.

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