Antique canes, traditional walking sticks and old-fashion umbrellas are all items that were integral in history.  They were all used as a symbol of an individual’s status from presidential candidates to celebrities.  Below you will find some interesting facts surrounding walking sticks, canes, umbrellas and more.

In pictures of magicians from the twentieth century you almost always see them holding a cane.  It was a main prop used in a magicians act.  They waved the canes over top hats, magic boxes and more always producing an illusion of grand proportions.  Master magician Cardini was often photographed with an intricate cane.  His walking stick was topped with an intricate gold topper.  When the antique cane was put up from auction by Potter & Potter Auctions in April of 2013 it sold to a collector for eleven thousand dollars.

Antique canes and walking sticks can be seen as far back as the prehistoric era.  Walking sticks and canes offered a degree of protection and stability as well as showing ones affiliation within their cultural organization as well as their status in society.

In 1988 a group of individuals came together to form the American National Cane Club.  The club was used to bond together the folks that carved antique canes and walking sticks.  The American National Cane Club is still known for their project that involves carving canes for military veterans.

Antique canes, walking sticks and umbrellas come in three distinct categories: gadget, folk art and city sticks.  Gadget canes, gadget umbrellas and gadget walking sticks are still popular amongst collectors.  They offer a clever design that conceals tools and weapons within the piece.  Weapon canes were a way sinister way in which individuals would obscure lethal weapons that offered protection against potential threats.

Walking sticks and antique canes were often created from a number of unique materials from hand carved wood to narwhal tusks.  The handles were crafted using porcelain, glass, gold, gems and other embellishments.  Designs were often carved into each piece to represent the owners rank, function or profession.

Often times the knob of an antique cane was the most popular aspect. Distinct handles on antique canes and unique knobs on walking sticks made the piece more valuable to collectors.  Uncommon materials and designs can yield top dollar at auctions.  An English cane featuring a certain silver intrigue of birds and animals is thought to be able to fetch upwards of fifteen thousand dollars at auction.

Antique canes captivate a unique group of collectors because they are so unique and vary a great deal from one another.

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