Thinking about replacing those drafty windows with windows with built in blinds?  Households where cleaning mini-blinds is a bi-annual tradition have probably contemplated a better option.  A look into windows with blinds between the glass will prove to be exactly what any family that has dealt with the hassles of mini-blinds desires.

Window with built in blinds are a concept that has been with us for the past decade.  As with all new technology it starts out quiet expensive but as it become integrated and more economically produced they settle into a more reasonable price point.  The basic principal of these specialty windows is that they feature blinds, shades or grills sandwiched between two panes of glass.  The blinds raise, lower or tilt using a slider that guides them.  This is also true in door walls that feature blinds between the glass.  This feature is especially appealing for door walls and patios because homeowners don’t have to mess with traditional blinds and needing to open and close them before having access to the door.

Advantages of Built In Blinds

  • One major advantage is that blinds inside the glass aren’t subject to the elements.  They don’t collect dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease or grime. They are protected by the panes of glass.
  • For homeowners with allergies and asthma they offer a healthier living environment. The blinds do not collect the allergens and dust of traditional blinds.  This makes them a much healthier option in window treatments.
  • Safety is at a premium with blinds between the glass.  The internal cord devices make this a safe option for homeowners with children and pets.   The internal cords eliminate the risk of strangulation and are a safe option to use within a child bedroom.  They also do away with the risk that cords and knobs present to pets.  Pets like to chew cords which can become hazards to them and their internal organs.
  • Another large draw for homeowners with pets and children is that with the blinds protected there is no risk of them becoming bent or damaged.
  • They offer a fresh, clean, crisp look to the home inside and out.  From the road the blinds offer consistency.  Because they are protected from the elements they are also clean and fresh all of the time.

Disadvantage of Built In Blinds

  • In order to provide consistency you will want replacement windows throughout the home.  This will keep the consistency.  The drawback to this is that anytime you are looking into specialty windows it is going to be pricy.  Replacement windows in general are price let alone ones with special features such as what windows with built in blinds offer.
  • Options in changing the window treatments and looks of the window are limited.  Some companies offer a bit of selection when it comes to colors and textures however it will be less of a difference within a room than traditional window treatments.

It is important to evaluate the pros and cons of purchases especially when they are involving renovations to your home.  Windows with built in blinds have distinct advantages as well as a few disadvantages to weigh.  A major decision like this should be examined.  Look at all the different options in replacement windows, suppliers and window treatment before making any final desicions.