Why does a war usually begin? Wars begin often because land boundaries have been crossed.  Many neighbors have minor issue because of land boundaries.  It is important to establish ownership when contemplating swing sets, fences and permanent structures.  Who establishes these boundaries?  That is the professional duties of a land surveyor.  Surveyors document land boundaries on maps which legally proclaim the division of ownership.

A land surveyor measures and draws out the Earth’s surface.  They use measurements as well as defining characteristics of the land to map out boundaries.  Surveyors are also used to measure airspace, water areas as well as land.  They help to explain what the land looks like and the amount of land within each the space. Then the information is used to make land space legal in the form of deeds and other types of legal land documentation.

Land surveyors are also used for exploration below the Earth’s surface.  Geodetic surveyors are used to measure the areas below the Earth.  Many minerals and elements are offered to us by the land below us.  Geophysical explorations are used to find petroleum, one of our most valuable resources.

A mapping technician is another type of land surveyor.  They go on site and use advanced technology and tools to collect facts about the land. They often hold chains and measuring tools and then translate that information into written notes which are then translated into sketches and entered into a computer.

It is important to remember that surveyors study current legal records and previous boundary markers to ensure the records are current.  When newly surveying the land it is important to seek out information from the past to maintain correct legal boundaries.  Maps and written reports are used in legal cases to determine ownership of land.  Surveyors are licensed in the state in which they do work.

The work conditions of surveyors are pretty regular.  Most work eight hours a day, five days a week.  Much of their time is spent outside.  Many surveyors work longer hours in the summer when days are longer and the weather is warm.  They are required to stand for long periods of time. They walk great distances and must often climb over obstacles facing weather that is less than desirable.

Land surveyors often spend time within an office making plans, reading and examining facts and designing maps.  Computers are used in a large part of the work that is done by surveyors.  Many survey tools are unique to the trade.  Surveyors study the tools and technologies used in surveying and are then required to obtain certifications for the states in which they work.

Surveying is an important career.  The information obtained by them is useful for so many applications in our everyday lives.  When buying a home, creating roads, building bridges land surveyors play an integral role in ensuring that they land is ours to use.  This avoids legal issues later on down the road when others try to stake claim to the established land.