I have always had a deep affinity for pearls. To me they are a signature piece and signify grace, elegance, sophistication and all things right and proper in the world. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I was given my first pearls. I had longed for them for so long but being a woman of modest means and becoming a mother I never allowed the extra funds to make the purchase. My husband, sneaky devil, knew just how much a pair of pearl earrings meant to me and found a way to purchase them on my 5th mother’s day. They are exquisite and they are mine!
If you are like me and interested in owning a set or pearl earrings, a string of pearls to wear around your neck or a fabulous necklace including a pearl pendant there is a lot to know when choosing the perfect pearl much like there is when purchasing a diamond. Below I will give you a brief understanding of what you are looking for when choosing a perfect pearl for yourself or someone you love.
First you should know there are two types of pearls, natural and cultured. Most pearls for sale today are cultured which in laymen’s term means that a person has had a hand in the pearls creation. They are grown in a controlled environment be pearl farmers. While natural pearls are created in nature without any nurturing or assistance by human hands. A natural pearl is quite rare however when they are found they are harvested, cleaned and made into jewelry. The pearls my husband purchased for me are cultured as are most pearls you will find in stores today.
The variation of pearls today is also quite different from yester years. In the past the Japanese Akoya was virtually the only variation in pearl. Today you will find Freshwater pearls, South Seas white, Tahitian black and South Seas golden pearls. My pearl earrings are Japanese Akoya.
Most often pearls are treated to help improve upon their color. Of course this is all personal opinion but I believe the natural color of the pearl is the most beautiful. Mine have been dyed. Most are. If your pearls look to good to be true it is safe to assume they have been irradiated to look that way.
Pearls are most often round. An odd shaped pearl is known as a baroque and are quite beautiful in their own way. If the baroque pearl has good luster, is scratch and crack free a modern look can be created turning the pearl into something different, a young, modern hip version of itself.
Pearls are like diamonds in the sense that flaws occur and with flaws should be discounted. A flawed pearl should never cost the same as a perfect pearl. If the pearl has dimples, scratches or cracks it is imperfect and should be highly discounted to reflect that. Finding a piece with scratches at a discount is a great way to give a gift for a young child as a starter pair of pearls. From the distance they are being viewed no one will see the imperfections and the cost is one in which if the earrings are misplaced as things often are with teens you will not be out a ton of money.
When choosing a pearl with color the color itself is irrelevant when it comes to price unlike diamond jewelry. The color should be attractive when placed against the skin of the person wearing it. The color in your pearls should come alive when placed on the skin of the wearer. My pearls are a cream color and compliment my skin tone and hair coloring.
Good luck finding your perfect pearl pendant, pearl necklace or earrings!

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