Driveway gates always intrigued me. In my mind I always consider that in order to own an electronic entrance gate for your driveway you were either a millionaire or hiding something good. Obviously now I know this is not the case. Choosing to add a driveway gate to our home comes down to security, value and ascetics.
Electronic gates and fence systems have come so far in design and function. You can find gates in wrought iron, wood, aluminum as well as chain link and a multitude of other materials. The material that is chosen for your fence and gate will be determined by so many factors such as budget, maintenance level, home and landscape style, color, gate operator needed and size.
First let’s discuss a reasonable budget when considering the addition of an electronic gate. It is important to determine if a fence is needed as well and the size of the fence. Larger gates and yards that require a fence as well will of course require a budget substantially higher than a space that only needs an electronic gate installed. Chain link driveway gates, which I would think represent the least expensive material, start around two hundred and fifty dollars. Be sure to note this does not include the price of the gate operator which will need to be purchased and installed as well.
Speaking of gate operators you will need to determine what operator best fits your existing space. Sliding gate operators and swing gate operators are common and both have advantages depending on your space. Sliding gates slide into themselves to open while swing gates swing open. Swing gates are not a feasible option in an area with unlevel ground as the gate needs level space to swing.
Maintenance of an electronic gate is going to happen the material of the gate however can be maintenance free. Aluminum entrance gates are virtually maintenance free where as wooden gates require yearly cleaning and staining.
The style of your home will help you decide upon a color and style. A super country home with a modern fence style is just not going to be attractive to most people. Likewise a country fence is not going to fit with a modern home. Make sure the color and style of your home and electronic entrance gate all look like they have always been together.
Another quality to consider is the size of the driveway and the height of the fence. Driveway fences can easily be customized to the size of your driveway. Gates are normally six to eight feet but can be as short as four feet. The general idea of an electronic entrance gate is to promote safety for your home and family. For this reason it is best to find a gate that is not able to be climbed along side of a fence that also restricts access.
Fence and gate systems are meant to last. With proper installation and maintenance, no matter the specifications, your fence and gate will withstand the test of time. Hiring a professional gate installer is the best way to go when initially adding an electronic gate to your driveway.

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