It is incredibly difficult to grasp that our parents are not as young as they once were although they remain as stubborn.  For the most part aging individuals will want to stay in their homes.  If they can fix their own meals, bathe on their own and continue to dress themselves and don’t need personal one on one care you can ensure that they will want to age in place.  With this in mind it is important that as many hazards as exist within the home are alleviated to avoid accidents that can occur.

The number one concern in age in place renovations is to prevent falls.  Do an assessment on the home and begin to look for areas that look like they present further risks of falling.  This means that all throw rugs and clutter need to be removed from the home.  Areas within the home that should be double and triple checked include stairways, showers and kitchens.  As well as making sure there are no throw rugs or clutter present be sure to increase the lighting in these main areas.  A well lit area goes a long way in preventing falls throughout the home.

The bathroom is the most dangerous area with the home for all of us not just the elderly.  The bathroom is the location in which most slip and falls occur.  If you are going to completely gut and renovate any one room in your parents home while they choose to age in place it should be the bathroom.  A bathroom overhaul should include the addition of a barrier free shower with a zero entry.  Grab bars and seats should be installed within the shower.  Grab bars should also be placed near the toilet.  Another highly recommended addition is a toilet that is elevated higher than a normal household toilet.  A bathroom that is ideal for seniors aging in place should also include slip resistant flooring and levered handles on all cabinet drawers and doors.

The cost of a new bathroom can be upwards of six thousand dollars or more depending on the exact renovations that are done as well as the labor fee that is charged by the age in place renovation specialist you choose to hire.  It is advisable to look into hiring a contractor that specializes in age in place renovations or ADA remodeling.  General contractors don’t necessarily know or understand the needs of clients with limited mobility or balance concerns.

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