With so many options in blinds and curtains these days how does one really make a good choice on which is good for their home? The choices in blinds and curtains are endless. There are several questions to ask yourself before you begin the daunting task of searching for blinds or curtains. If you can figure out if you want blinds or curtains before you head out to the store it will make the purchase a little less intimidating. This way you can focus on the stores selection of one or the other. Picking out the exact curtains or blinds is all up to – the following tips can help determine whether blinds or curtains are best for your home.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Blinds or Curtains:

Location: There are many things to consider in regards to the location of your window treatment. Are the windows in an area of high traffic where they would get grubby? Are the window treatments in a room that has a lot of moisture like a bathroom or kitchen? Is the window in an area with kids and pets playing? Location might just be the most important consideration when deciding whether to choose blinds or curtains. You for sure don’t want to get dramatic floor length curtains in a room occupied by a busy kitten.
• Kitchens have natural light and occasional messes. Most of the times it is beneficial to have curtains that will be easy to remove and clean from the grease and grime kitchens produce. Also, the kitchen isn’t necessarily a spot you need to block light out which blinds tend to do.
• In a bedroom however, blocking the natural light out is one of the most important things to consider. Choosing shades seem like a natural choice for they block out the most light and will provide an environment more favorable to sleeping.

Purpose: Are the window coverings serving a purpose? Do they need to block out or control light? Are you installing them for the sole purpose of privacy? Is there a breeze or some type of moisture that needs to be blocked? Are the window coverings for decoration only? Determining the purpose that your window coverings will serve is going to make a large difference in the final decision on what to buy.
• If you are looking for fresh air curtains are a better choice. You can pull them back to let air and light in.
• If you are purposely trying to block our moisture and are looking for maximum privacy blinds seem to be a better option for your window treatments.

Aesthetics – Decor: This is the fun part of picking out window treatments. What is the look and feel you are hoping to gain from applying window treatments to your home?
• Are you looking for something modern? Do you want sleek lines and solid colors?
• Maybe country or classic is more your style? Do you think wood blinds or rooster curtains are the look you are trying to obtain? This is the part that only your eyes matter. Of course, remember it should compliment the fell the room already has.

Health: This is something I am sure you have not considered when choosing between blinds and curtains but it is incredibly important.
• Blinds tend to be an attractant to dust so if someone in your household has severe allergies it is probably best to stay away from blinds.
• Curtains are much easier to keep dust free. Dry cleaning and regular washings is all the care most curtains need to keep them free of extra dander and allergens.

Price: Although you can find window treatments in all price ranges it is still something to consider.
• Blinds can be found from $2.99 and up. You need to consider wear and tear when pricing blinds. Most inexpensive blinds are plastic which have a tendency to break easily. Blinds that are made of hard plastic or wood are considerably more durable and still relatively inexpensive. The really nice part about blinds is that they usually come with all the hardware that is needed for their installation making blinds relatively cheaper than curtains.

• Curtains are a little bit more expensive due to the hardware expense. Even if you find reasonably priced curtains you are still looking at how you are going to hang them. Hardware for curtain installation is another expense to consider when choosing curtains.

It is a difficult decision between blinds and curtains. What will you decide?