So much consideration goes into if you really need to replace your windows. The cost alone drives many of us into thinking that we should reconsider other improvements to our home before we purchase replacement windows. There are many reasons why taking on the challenge of replacing your windows is worth it. In this article we will explore heating and cooling costs, curb appeal and ease of maintenance.

First let’s discuss the money savings that goes along with replacement windows in regards to heating and cooling. To see the expense/profit ratio equal out you really need to be in your home for the long haul. It is most advantageous to purchase replacement windows if you plan on inhabiting your residents for more than 10 years. This is the point where the savings equals the cost. For instance, say the cost of replacement windows plus installation, for your home is $6,000.00, which is average. An average heating and cooling bill, per month, in Michigan is $150.00, with new windows you could easily take this bill down to $100.00 a month. Saving $50.00 am month x 12 months = $600.00 a year. In 10 years the windows would have paid for themselves.

Next is curb appeal. If your old windows are rotting and painting is peeling you can guarantee people will assume the rest of your home is kept up in the same manner. Purchasing replacement windows in wood or vinyl will make your home more attractive causing prospective buyers to feel like the home is one worth looking into because care was taken in regards to the homes up keep. The value in resale alone, in this situation, makes replacement windows a great buy.

If you are concerned at all about maintenance new windows will be beneficial. Many newer models of windows have the ability to be washed from the inside of your home. Replacement windows come so that you are able to flip the top and bottoms in to throughly wash them. Also, many windows now come in vinyl or wood that is throughly treated so no extra painting or staining is needed. That beats the up keep on older windows where you need to repaint or restain them every few years to keep them looking fresh and to prevent wear from the weather. Replacment windows can be almost completely maintenance free.

There are many reasons to buying replacement windows. You won’t be disappointed replacing your worn, outdated windows with energy efficient, maintenance free, value adding windows. As I see it the only choice now is vinyl or wood, single or double hung, contractor or do it yourself and you though replacing your old windows was going to be an easy decision.