Metal roofing is one of the most sought after materials for new roofs.  There are a number of benefits that make metal roofing appealing to both homeowners and roofing contractors alike.  When comparing metal roofing to shingle roofing you will find that the cost is almost double however the longevity of the roofing material more than doubles.  We will look deeper into metal roofing advantages and disadvantages throughout this articles.

As stated above metal shingling is known for its durability and longevity.  An asphalt shingle roof is warranted to last anywhere between twelve to twenty years.  This will be determined by the type of climate the home is located within as well as the shingle material that was purchased.  Metal roofs have been thought to last upwards of fifty years.  This is quite impressive when it comes to roofing longevity.

Metal roofing is created from materials that do not decompose and withstand the wrath of even the most difficult climates.  Shingles are created from fiberglass and asphalt granules. Shingle roofing literally starts to decompose the minute the roof is installed.  This will vary according to the climate in the area in which the roof is installed as well.

Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, style, patterns and designs.  The choice of metal roofing you decide upon will come from any number of factors including the preferences with your region, the style of architecture that surrounds your home and neighborhood as well as the climate in the area that you reside.  Metal roofing can be found to match literally every homeowners needs.

As with asphalt shingling you can get metal roofing in a variety of styles to resemble a number of styles associated with roofing.  If you like the look of shakes, slate, tile, shingles or traditional vertical and horizontal roofing, metal shingles can be created to match your desires.

Another benefit to metal roofing is the environmental impact it has.  Asphalt shingles are slowly taking over landfills due to their inability to decompose.  Think about this picture.  In one year twenty billion pounds of shingles land in fills throughout the United States.  If you were to fill semi-trailers full of shingles, this would create an unbroken line of traffic from New York to Los Angeles and back again.  This is not the case with metal roofing.

Metal roofing comes from fifty six percent recycled materials from production to installation.  This is far superior to shingle roofing.  Metal roofing also lasts for over double the amount of time a shingle roof does which means less waste to fill our landfills.

Metal roofing is a premium material which means it adds value to your homes resale value.  If you are considering living in the home for quite some time after installing a new roof metal saves you the hassles of hiring a roofing contractor to install your roof once again.  With the use of metal you will install the roof once, increase the value of your home and never worry about the costs or hassle associated with roofing in general.

For more information on metal roofing consider looking online for local roofing contractors and metal roofing suppliers.  Getting quotes from a number of sources will assure that you get the best deal, warranty and roofing contractor to install your new metal roof.

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