A products package and label must not only be alluring to consumers it must also be cost-effective, visually appealing and practical for shipping.  How do manufacturers accomplish all of this for their products?  Flexible packaging is one of the newest packaging and labeling technologies within the industry.

Most products on the market require a package.  Packaging does not only include the products container but also the container to ship the product.  The products container must also include a label.  A label is important for customers as it is not only what makes your brand recognizable it also contains information consumers need to make a buying decision.  With flexible packaging you get the best of both worlds: a package and label all in one.  A convenient container that is durable while also being a powerful selling tool.

There are many product package types saturating the market: bottles, cans, boxes, and other types of containers.  Each type of product package has certain appealing characteristics just as every type of product label has its own advantages.  Flexible packaging offers something no other combination of package and label can.

Flexible Packaging Offers The Opportunity To:

Protect Your Product

  • Flexible packaging is a cost effective way to package your product.  It is created from a variety of Polypropylene materials which are virtually impossible to damage.
  • Transit worries are no longer an issue when manufactures use flexible packaging.    
  • Damage and product tampering are concerns with many other types of packaging however this is not so much of a concern with flexible packaging.

Promoting Your Product 

  • If you are looking for a package and label combination to compliment your advertising and marketing initiatives look no further than flexible pouches.
  • One container that stores your product while communicating the products logo, core benefits, testimonials, company information and more. 
  • Flexible packages are also perfect for display on store shelves.  Not only can they stand up on the shelf they can hang on standalone displays or in giant product boxes.

Differentiate Your Product

  • If you are looking for a container that is simple to use and eases the process involved with dispensing your product look no further than flexible packaging.
  • Product preservation is superior in flexible pouches.  Food products and cleaning products store longer because they are sealed in an air tight package.
  • Environmentally the materials used to create flexible pouches are highly recyclable. 

The flexible packaging industry is growing in popularity.  With that change comes a ton of new innovations only making this a sure fire way to package, label, ship and display all of your products.

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