Homeowners install backyard fences for a variety of reasons.  Homes that have in-ground pools install pool fencing to prevention children and pets from entering the pool area without adult supervision.  A pool fence helps prevent accidental drowning.  Some homeowners choose to install a fence not to only keep people from entering their yard but also to keep people in.  Fencing is often installed to keep children and pets contained within a space as well.  The good thing to know is whatever your reason for installing a fence it will help to increase the value of your real estate as well as enhance the appearance of your home and yard.

With all these reason to install a fence the only question left is what type and style will you choose?  Aluminum fencing has become a popular option because of the many advantages it has over other materials available in fencing. Aluminum fence comes in four different grades, from residential to industrial fencing.  Although black aluminum fencing is the most popular option when choosing aluminum it is important to note that it is available in a variety of colors and styles.  Installing an aluminum fence will make you feel safe, secure and confident.

Aluminum Fencing Advantages

  • Warranty: If you are looking for a quality fence with a lifetime warranty look no further than aluminum.  A lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling and chipping along with workmanship defects is offered by aluminum fence manufacturers.
  • Colors:  There are multiple color and style options available in aluminum fencing.  The color options are available in each of the different grades of fencing that are sold as well.
  • Economical: With no maintenance requirements and long lifetime expectancies aluminum fence is highly economical.  The initial outlay on aluminum is more expensive than other options in fencing but knowing there is no maintenance or replacement costs in your future makes it less expensive over time.
  • Meets B.O.C.A. Standards: If you have installed a backyard in-ground pool rest assured that your aluminum fence meets the required safety standards set forth by the B.O.C.A.
  • Easy Installation: Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest materials to install for do-it-yourself homeowners.  Residential fence is made of durable, lightweight material.  Each panel is pre-assembled, with posts punched and gates welded into place.  The only real issue when installing aluminum fencing is digging the holes for the posts and that is something that has to be done no material what fencing material you choose.

You can easily see why aluminum fencing is such a popular option amongst residential, commercial and industrial users.  Shop online to find a fence distributor that will help you select a complimentary aluminum fence for your needs.

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