It is almost that time a year again when we all start to think about getting out into the great outdoors once again.  Whether your passion is hunting, hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing or one of the many other adventures that come with warm weather it is wise to start thinking about purchasing a knife you can carry with you.  A knife is an all-purpose tool that can be used for safety, but for a variety of everyday tasks as well.  For an inexperienced shopper it can be an intimidating undertaking without a little knowledge of knives to take with you.


There are a multitude of knife styles to choose from starting with fixed blade knife. A fixed blade knife is one of the sturdiest, most durable styles of knives.  A fixed blade knife can easily be carried using a sheath attached to a boot or belt.  This style of knife is great for any outdoors man but is especially helpful to paddlers and survivalists as it is incredibly handy.  It can be released from its sheath in a hurry allowing cord, webbing or small brush to be cleared instantly.


Another style of knife is the folding blade knife.  Most folding knives have a locking mechanism in place to ensure that the knife doesn’t release unexpectedly. Folding knives come in a variety of lengths and offer a great deal of versatility.  Small folding knives, such as pocket knives are easily carried whereas larger folding knives can be stored easily in a pack. Some claim that the folding blade is not as durable as a fixed blade knife however with all the latest developments in knife technology this is highly debatable.  Fixed knife blades also can include multiple tools that easily fold into themselves giving you a variety of easy to use tools.  This is great for bikers as you never know when you will need a wrench or screwdriver out of the trails.


Blade type is also something to consider when purchasing a knife.  There are three basic styles to choose from including: straight blades, serrated blades and a combination.  As with anything each blade type has advantages and disadvantages.


A straight blade knife is a super nice tool as it is easy to sharpen and keep an edge on.  Straight knife blades are great for cutting and make any meal easier especially when hiking or camping. Serrated edges have teeth built into the blade, much like a saw blade but not as enhanced.  The teeth make this blade much easier to cut through bone, rope and limbs.  It is also much more difficult to sharpen.  A combination blade offers the advantages of both styles.  The activity that you are partaking in should be considered when choosing a blade type.


The good thing about purchasing a knife is that it is a versatile tool that does not have to break the bank.  You can purchase several knives and depending on the activity you are embarking on choose what to carry with you.