It is official; winter has ended and spring is here.  Homeowners often find the spring a perfect time to begin the home improvements they have planned over the previous months.  Below you will find the top spring home improvement projects to add to the resale value of your home.

  • Repair Roofing and Update Gutters: The structure of your home only functions properly when it is cared for.  Roofing repairs should be done twice a year.  Shingles replaced, flashing caulked and gutters put back in place.   When the gutters around our home are not correctly placed the rain water can leak into the cement foundation and erode the soil surrounding the foundation causing major issues.  Your homes main structure comes from the foundation and trusses.  Proper care of these main components revolves around professional roof and gutter maintenance.
  • Put A Deck On: Homeowners looking to socialize, dine and enjoy the sunshine should consider adding on a deck.  A deck can come in any size.  Consider building a deck with pre-treated wood to ensure that it survives the harsh weather winter will bring.
  • Update Your Home’s Exterior: Inspect the exterior of your home.  Does your current exterior look like it has barely survived the winter?  Spring is the perfect time to update the siding on your home.  Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of good looking, energy efficient, high performance varieties.  Look into exterior options that best meet the need of your homes climate.
  • Heat and Air Conditioning Inspections: Homeowners should have their heating and cooling systems inspected yearly.  Before it gets hot it is crucial to make sure the air conditioning system is running properly and that vents are properly clean. If possible install a dehumidifier that runs along with the air conditioning system.  This will prevent mold build up from occurring within the walls of your home.
  • Roof Repair: Heavy snow fall in the North is tough on a home’s single roofing.  To ensure that damage to your roof is kept to a minimum inspect the roof for any moisture seepage.  Check in the cracks, creases, loose roofing tiles and such on the roof.  Any curling, peeling or shingle disintegration should be repaired to avoid considerable structural damage to the roofing.
  • Kitchen Upgrades: The number one home improvements that consumers should take to increase the value of their homes come from the kitchen.  You don’t have to do a full kitchen makeover to increase the value of your home; consider new cabinets, updated hardware and add an island.  This will help make the kitchen the gathering place you have always wanted.
  • Increase Curb Appeal: The first thing that people see is the exterior of your home.  The outside should accurately represent the inside in order to attract the attention of future buyers.  This can be done by updating the landscaping, adding an entry gate, updated roofing, adding on a patio and more.  When you enjoy the outside of your home as much as the inside you have succeeded!

Home improvements that increase the value of your home are always the first to consider.  Whenever you can improve the environment for your enjoyment in a way that will also add to the equity of the home it is a win-win.

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