It is finally the time of year that we can start discussing swimming pool spring cleaning.  It may seem early but it isn’t!  The sooner you start the better the outcome when you are ready to open the pool for the summer.  Spring cleaning your pool will help prevent algae from taking hold.  As soon as the temperature hits sixty degrees algae blooms and we all know it is not a friendly beast.  Test the water and add shock to avoid algae from sprouting at the very least.

Now let’s get started on where you should begin.  The first thing to do as a pool owner is to prep the area around the pool for what is to come.  Trim all of the shrubs, trees, grass and flowers that surround the pool area.  This step should never be overlooked as spring blooms can cause major issues when it comes time to open the pool.  If the bushes harbor old leaves it is time to pull them out.  Remove all of the extra debris left over from the fall and winter, paying especially good attention around the pump, filter and other pool equipment.

Once the area around the pool is clean it is time to move on to the cover of the pool.  If there is water on the cover it is best to use a pump to remove it.  Be careful to avoid taking water from beneath the cover out of the pool.  Once the water is removed off the cover the debris will be easily removed by gently sweeping the surface.  Clean the cover well and allow it to dry well; only a clean, dry cover should be stored.

Next check the pool water.  In this step it is also time to look at the pools plaster.  If the pools plaster is in need of repair now is the time to empty the pool and schedule the pool to be resurfaced.  Pool plastering should be done only by professionals as it is the one of the key structural elements to your pools integrity. If the plaster is fine it is time to get the pool water in to shape.  Get the pool equipment running, filters and skimming baskets in place and start adding water to the pool.  Fill the pool on the higher side because you will waste water as you go.  Vacuum out the pool waste and get the equipment running.  The filter is the pools best friend when it comes to spring cleaning.

Use a pool opening kit.  Follow all of the directions on the chemicals when using a pool opening kit.  Before testing the water allow the chemicals to circulate for at least a day before testing.  This ensures that you are not wasting money adding chemicals that are unnecessary.  Spring clean all pool toys while you’re at it and get ready to enjoy.  Using a pool heater you may even begin to use your pool during the spring season this year!

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