If you are thinking of revamping your kitchen design, a few cosmetic updates might not be enough. A full-blown remodel might be your best bet…but don’t skimp on storage. Score a beautifully designed kitchen with plenty of room for storage with help from several tips below. 

Designate Cabinet Space
All the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen can probably be expanded or organized to suit your needs and tailored accordingly. For example, wide, shallow drawers can house dishcloths and utensils, while deep upper cabinets are ideal for pantry goods such as spices near the stove or oven. A quick and easy solution for lower cabinets is to install pullout systems from companies such as Rev-A-Shelf, for example.

No More Corners
Corner cupboards used as a pantry – or any type of storage – are less-than-ideal. Too often, staple pantry items can be lost in the shuffle, pushed back to the out-of-reach corner. Instead of installing a corner cabinet, try a combination of cabinets and drawers you can see – and reach. 

Expand Cabinets
Forget the bulkheads and extend your above-countertop cabinets to the ceiling. Though you might need a step ladder to reach some items, it’s a great way to store kitchen appliances or special plates you don’t use as often as others. 

Drawers & Cabinets
Cabinets are a winning solution for bulky items (as described above), but drawers are more helpful in maximizing organization for smaller items. Drawers allow you to see exactly what’s inside without clearing other objects to find the item you need. 

Spice It Up
Once you experience a built-in spice rack near the stove or oven, you won’t believe how you lived without it. Consider adding a Lazy Susan in a cupboard above the stove for easy rotation or add a specially made spice drawer (usually the length of a cabinet) that perfectly fits spice jars. These usually come equipped with rails to help ensure the seasonings stay in place.

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