Making a first impression with potential buyers can be a hit-or-miss scenario. In today’s seller’s market, it’s important to hook buyers…but how? The simplest answer: curb appeal. 

Your home’s appearance can have a huge impact on how much money a potential buyer is going to fork over. Houses with a poor exterior sell for seven percent less than those that are polished and attractive, according to a recent study

Business professor Sriram Villupram at the University of Texas at Arlington programmed computers to recognize features such as trimmed shrubs, manicured lawns, and inviting flowers on more than 400 Google Street View images. 

Villupuram said, “The value of curb appeal could be as high as 14 percent during cold residential markets. This study also brings to light the value of homeowners’ associations and their covenants, which tend to maintain a uniformly positive curb appeal for the neighborhood as a whole.” 

Read on for seven tips and tricks for making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

A 2019 survey of real estate agents found that well-landscaped homes sell between one and 10 percent more than those with no landscaping. Potted plants, window boxes, hanging planters, trimmed and edged grass, raked leaves, pruned trees, etc. are all surefire ways to boost curb appeal. If you have a patio or deck, don’t leave it empty. Add a bench or some chairs to invite buyers. 

Pull out your (or rent a) powerwasher and start cleaning your driveway, porch, siding, etc. Use some elbow grease and wipe all windows, clean walkways, handrails, and more. Sparkling clean windows let more natural light into your home, making it much more appealing. 

Swap out old light fixtures for new ones, paint (or replace) your front door, and add bright, LED light bulbs throughout your home to make it appear more refined. If your home has drab, old house numbers, replace those with new ones as well. Don’t overlook your mailbox, either! 

If your appliances are even slightly out-of-date, try updating some – or all – to give your home a sleeker look. If your home is not energy-efficient, consider upgrading windows, smart thermostats, light bulbs, and home appliances. 

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