In the past, books were produced only in large quantities before digital printing because time and expense for smaller batches were not economical. Digital printing makes short runs easy and affordable without sacrificing quality. Paper stocks have a high-quality finish and a fantastic overall look. Moreover, they provide flexible options for printers who want to offer this product to customers. Some other benefits of digital print, short-run books include: 

Smaller print runs are much more affordable than large runs, requiring a lesser investment for both printer and client. 

Reduced Storage Space
Books generally require a great deal of storage space, but with short-run printed books, they take up less surface area than the alternative. 

Hardcover Upgrade
Short runs can more easily be upgraded to hardcover since they have a lower page count and the overall cost of printing is lower than the alternative. 

Less Waste
With short runs, companies can order a smaller number of books, which helps to reduce the chances of producing unnecessary trash. 

Swift Production
Digital print runs require minimal setup, which lowers production time and makes the entire process quick and effortless. 

New Editions
Shorter print runs mean that minor updates can be printed every time a small run is ordered, which keeps the content accurate.

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: