When it comes to repairing anything I have a motto, “pay a professional!” I know many people think that in this economy that my attitude is off a bit but I think of it more like this I have a job and I should pay people who are the professionals to fix things I cannot. I am helping by keeping people employed.  Yes I agree there are some things that I could do myself but really do I want to risk tuning up my computer to save a few bucks on computer repair costs?  No.  I know nothing about other people’s areas of specialty and would prefer them to handle it so that I don’t have to waste time and energy trying to fix something I have no busy fixing.

Top Seven Repairs To Rearrange The Budget For

  • Bike Shops: I love my bike.  We ride all the time as a family.  Whenever my bike needs a tune-up or tire repair I take the bike into the local bicycle repair shop.  This way I know it is fixed properly and it is ready to go sooner than if I tried to look up how to do it myself and it is not as expensive as you may think.  My last bike tune up was twenty nine dollars and my bike is as good as the day I bought it.
  • Plumbers: This is one issue I will never try to handle myself.  Toilets, showers and pipes are all to be left alone and handled by trained field techs.  The last thing I need to do is think I have turned off the right water value, loosen a pipe and have a water emergency on my hands.  I also have no desire to reach my hand anywhere in a drain to loosen the nasty that may have gotten lodge.  Nope, I gladly rearrange the budget if the need arises for a plumbing repair.
  • Tailor/Seamstress: With the amount of money we spend on our professional wardrobes I cannot even imagine why people think they can spare the expense and try to adjust their clothing with their home sewing machine.  Not me.  Spending money on clothes for work is one area that is a must for me and with that I include the alterations needed.  There is no way that I could even think producing a professional hem and the last thing I want is to walk into a sales meeting with one pant leg shorter than the other.
  • Cell Phones: My phone is another appendage to me. It is important that it is in working order one hundred percent of the time and if it isn’t that it is fixed immediately.  Paying to have it fixed is way less expensive than missing a sales call or a call from one of my children if they need to be picked up from a friend’s house.  I don’t care if it a simple battery change or screen install the cell phone company can fix it and send me on my way.
  • Computer Repair: So many of my friends become IT experts when I mention an issue that I am having with my laptop.  As with surgery, I would never have a doctor that was not licensed cut me open and work on me and will not have my laptop subjected to that treatment either.  Computer repair done by a licensed technician will keep your computer running faster and smoother until your need an upgrade in technology.
  • Automobiles: My husband always tells me he will do the maintenance on our vehicles.  The problem with this is he has very little extra time above and beyond family, work and activities so for me it is a simple choice; the car will go in for checkups as does my computer, my children and us.
  • Handyman: As with the cars there is home maintenance that slips under the rug and goes undone.  This happens to everyone.  Instead of waiting for large issues to arise I find myself calling our local handyman and giving him the detailed list of issues to repair.  He comes out when he gets free time, fixes things up and we are all happy. I don’t nag at my husband, he doesn’t get irate with me and the house is maintained.