My kids reminded me a few weeks ago that this was September and that Christmas was only THREE months away.  After I hyperventilated I realized I needed to get on the ball.  I am known for giving the best gifts and this year couldn’t be any different.  However, the economy has put a bit of a damper on our budget. This year I will need to get into creative mode to come up with some personalized kids toys and gifts that the kids will enjoy.

One of the biggest problems I have is staying within a reasonable price point for all of the children we love and want to be able to spoil.  It is easy to go overboard.  I want each gift to make the child feel special and thought of. This is difficult when they range in age from eight months to twelve years of age.

One idea I think is always a favorite is a personalized children’s story book.  This works for a lot of age groups.  You can use a child’s name and add features that resemble the child’s life.  Being center stage is what most little children want and what better way than with a story with them as the main character.  Whether it is a pink princess or soccer sports star the personalized children’s story will be sure to win them over.

Another idea that I have thought of is a shirt with their school and personalizing this by adding the last name on the back.  Our daughter is the perfect candidate for a present of this type.  Clothing for preteens is always a viable option and one they love especially school spirit items.  For little munchkins a personalized shirt with their favorite character and activity is fun.  Barbie playing soccer would be a sure favorite for my niece.

Personalized kids toys aren’t the only option for personalized gifts a gift basket filled with the child’s favorite things is fun too.  This is a terrific option for my niece, Anne Marie.  She loves teaching class and store.  For her I was thinking of hitting the dollar store and finding different types of work books, sales slips, pens, paper pads in different shapes and colors and adding it into one big tote.  This way she can keep all her goodies stored together safely and away from the hands of her two younger siblings.

Boys are a bit trickier for me.  This year I am really thinking I need to step out of the box to find presents for my nephews.  Nerf guns, video games, clothes have all been there done that status.  To come up with something personal for them I am going to really need to dig deep.  They are both huge Michigan State fans so something cool along this line would be fun.  Good thing the kids gave me warning this morning I have a bit of time to think about it.

This year I am hoping to be able to keep the Christmas budget in check and under five hundred dollars.  I am not sure how it will work out but am hoping to come up with some creative, fun personalized children’s toys, some fun preteen personalized gifts and for the adults maybe some homemade magic potion to drowned the sad feelings we have after all that spending.