It is so important to me when having a backyard gathering that my guests are safe. Most of our guests have little kids. I don’t want them to have to spend the entire time worrying about their children’s safety. Backyard parties should be full of fun and entertainment not concern and dread. There are many steps that we take as a family to prepare for a backyard gathering. This is one of the preparations we takes to ensure our guests are safe and having a great time.

We love to share a campfire with friends throughout the summer. One way that we keep our guests safe around the campfire is by proving a fire ring that is two layers deep. We have taken two metal rings, one slightly bigger than the other and filled it with concrete. This helps to eliminate to possibilities of small children burning their hands on the fire ring. This is also useful in keeping the fire under control. The ring is only able to hold a medium size fire.

The next area that we looked into protecting our guest is lighting. We knew we did not want huge flood lights that would wreck the outdoor ambience so we installed motion detectors. When guest are trying to find the way to the house or to their car the path is lit with motion lights that turn off the minute no motion is detected. This is convenient for our guests that are not necessarily familiar with our home and backyard.

With the water within spitting distance from our deck we have added removable aluminum pool fencing for occasions such as these. When small children are out and we are gathering on the deck for dinner we install the aluminum pool fencing so that the kids are not able to get off the deck. This was we can eat without worry that a little one has escaped. The nice thing about them being removable is that as soon as we are done on the deck and the party moves to the back the fences easily are relocated to their storage spot.

It is always a must to check out the play toys and equipment. Splinters are easily picked up on wooden play equipment so we always check for rough sections on the play area to sand down. We also are very good at removing swings and equipment that is not up to par. My family refreshes the cushion, wood chips, under the play set each year. This leave the ground nice a cushy incase one of the little ones takes a spill off the play set.

Making sure your guests are safe is an important part of playing the part of a good host. Make sure that before your next backyard gathering you take time to look for hidden obstacles that might cause issues for your guests. It is important that people feel comfortable while they are in your environment.