Landscape fencing is one of the hardest outside details to pick for your home. It is as equally important to the style of your home as is the siding and landscaping. There are many factors in deciding about what landscape fencing is right for your home. Those factors may include the purpose of the fence, the maintenance of the fence and the character you want your yard to portray. There are dozens of pros and cons to landscape fencing and for this there is a diverse number of landscape fences to choose from.

You must decide what you end goal is with adding fencing to your yard. Pinpointing the need and wants of your family in regards to the fencings purpose will save you time and money in the long run.
1) Is the fence going to be put up to establish a boundary? Do you want to keep your kids in or others out? Do you want it up just so that there is distinct beginning and end to your yard?
2) Is the fencing going to be put up for safety? Do you need swimming pool fencing so that people are not allowed to enter the area without supervision?
3) Are you using the fence as a decorative piece? Will it be used for roses and vines in a garden?
4) Are you trying to create privacy for your backyard using fencing?
5) If you live close to a busy street are you using the fence to soften the sounds associated with it?
6) Do you want a fence that will keep live stock in place?
All of these are things you need to think about before investing in fencing. If you are trying to establish a boundary between your yard and the neighbors you don’t need to invest in top quality swimming pool fencing.

Fencing can come completely maintenance free or require tedious maintenance each year. It is up to you to decide what type of fencing maintenance you are willing to do. Now days fencing materials are easier than anything to maintain. However if you like the look of a wood fence but are afraid of the maintenance look for a look alike made out of a maintenance free material.

The character of your fence will vary greatly depending on your surroundings. If you live in an old country barn home the last thing you are lolling for is a modern glass railing with wrought iron accents. The same is true if you have home in the heart of the city with a home that has modern lines. You would never pair a coarse natural looking fence. Your fences character should suit the look of your home so that it looks flawless. You want the landscaping to appear as it as one with your home and the surrounding environment.

Picking out the perfect landscape fencing for your yard can be a little tricky. Many distributors now have equipment that allows you to view your home with the fence laid out. This is a great feature because it is easier to visually see if something looks like it belongs or if it is completely out of place.