Automatic gates are more popular than ever now days.  When selecting a gate there are many things a homeowner should contemplate.  The same is true with the gate opener, commonly referred to as the gate operator.  Depending on what you are looking for the gate possibilities are endless for residential, industrial and commercial use.

When choosing a gate operator it is important that it fits the gate chosen.  Most gate operators have limits on the amount of weight and type, slide or swing, gate they can handle.  Heavy use requires a heavy duty operating system for the gate.  Determine the amount of use the gate will need to withstand as well as the type of gate before choosing a gate operator.

Single swing gates are popular and are usually sold in only twelve foot sections.  As you can imagine the fence is heavy and will require a powerful gate opener to access the property.  A single swing arm is used and operated with only one long arm controlling the motion of the actual gate.  The arm will swing back and forth to open and close the gate. This type of gate and operating system is best used in residential areas where the driveway is around twelve feet wide.  Many residential driveway needs are met with this style fence and gate operator.

Bi Parting gates are popular amongst gated community entrances.  This system allows the fence to open split down the middle.  This is popular because it allows access from both directions.  A car can pass through the gate as one is leaving.  This is not the case with a single swing gate.  These gate openers use an arm to direct each gate on its own. Each gate is opened with its own gate operator/opener.

Another option in gate operators is a sliding gate option.  With this option the gate slides into a space alongside the fence.  This is a good option for driveways that are on a slope.  Swing gates do not work well on a slope.  Slide gates however will slide into the space on the side of the fence so are perfect for these harder areas to access.

Gate operators also have different means of being powered.  The options include; batteries, solar power and electricity.  There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to each method.  Many owners chose a combination of options.  An environmentally sound option is of course solar panels which allow energy from the sun to be stored and used to control the gate operator.  This is not a feasible operation in all areas. An option that does not require hard wiring into the home is batteries.  A battery/solar panel option is the choice for many gate operating systems.  If electricity is a choice an extra power source will be accessed through an opening in the garage and neatly concealed below the Earth.

The choices in gate designs are ever abundant as well.  When researching a new fence for residential, industrial or commercial use it is important to explore all options. With a purchase of this magnitude it is important to get an operator that will withstand the use it is put through, fits the desired need and is appropriate in style.