Upgrades are an important part of any home and are helpful when going to sell in the future.  Certain features are more for the benefit of the homeowner while they are living there and do not add up to big selling bonus points. However, things such as energy efficient windows with blinds built in add extra digits to the asking price of a home.  How do homeowners decide if there renovations will pay off in the future?  Consider the area in which you live to determine the benefits of various remodeling efforts.

First start with a renovation such as putting in a new swimming pool in areas with four seasons it is not as lucrative as in areas where the sun is blazing year round.  In areas such as Arizona and Florida pools increase the value of your home over eight percent.  When adding a pool it is best to think about the long term enjoyment it will bring to your family.  If that outweighs the fact that in a more temperate climate a pool can be seen as a drawback than go for it but if not think long and hard before soaking money into an investment that won’t give a favorable return.

Basement renovations are another area that can prove to be profitable if done correctly.  Before worrying about carpet or fancy furnishings think about the area and the moisture.  Basements are notorious for smelling damp and musty.  If you have flooding or the home is prone to water leakages call in a professional to fix the issue before continuing with the basement remodel.  When remodeling a basement don’t over or under renovate it.  It is important that the quality keeps in line with the rest of the home and the homes in the area.

Central air conditioning is another renovation that can add weight to an asking price.  On average a central air unity can cost between four to eight thousand dollars.  This may seem like a lot of money but it is safe to consider that the unit will boost the selling price of the home by ten to twenty percent.  Add a central air conditioning unit and windows with blind built in you are looking at keeping a home cool in the summer.

Landscaping is another area, if done correctly that can have major paybacks.  The curb appeal of your home is what will draw buyers in.  Keeping up on lawn maintenance along with reasonable landscaping will draw prospects into the home to look further.  Perennials and trees are items that homeowners should look into when remodeling the landscape of their lawns.  These items require lower maintenance and add value. The home should be visually appealing not to over grown or too busy.  When contemplating items for the landscape consider the natural environment around the home this will help maintain continuity throughout.

Homeowners should live in their castles and make it home. It is only imperative to think about home renovations in the form of resale value when the possibility of moving enters the picture.  If a renovation will bring happiness than don’t worry about the cost or value adding qualities it brings just go for it and enjoy it while you can.