The competitive real estate market is forcing homeowners to rethink a lot about their homes. Home improvements can seem daunting, especially if you work remotely, and the significant material delays and sky-high real estate prices don’t help. You’re not alone if you’ve decided to invest in your current home. A 2022 United States Houzz & Home Study showed that 55 percent of homeowners plan on renovating some part of their home this year. 

While people typically see the words “renovation” and “remodel” as synonymous, there’s actually a big difference between the two in the contractor, architectural, and designer world. 

These projects are considered cosmetic improvements that do not require altering the space’s intended purpose. For example, renovation in a bathroom might include painting or replacing cabinets, upgrading countertops, installing new light fixtures, faucets, and more. These small changes will undoubtedly have a serious impact on your space, and even increase equity in your home. 

These ventures are set out to drastically alter the overall function of a space, such as adding a bathroom to a bedroom or removing a wall between rooms. Major structural changes in a remodel will generally cost more than a renovation due to specialized, professional contractors, permits, and designers. Remodels are beneficial for customized houses, as well. 

Whether you are deciding on a remodel or a renovation, it’s imperative to consider your home’s end goals. If you’re looking to update that old 70s bathroom, go for a renovation. If you are interested in adding an entire room, a remodel is right for you. 

If a remodel will take your budget over the limit, consider renovating in the short-term, and focus on remodeling in the long-term. Consider re-doing floors, adding new fixtures, or updating countertops. 

Are you ready to remodel or renovate your home? Whichever you decide, ensure you entrust these large jobs to professionals. Contact the experts at JFC Remodeling today to achieve the dream home you’ve always desired. 

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