The environment is something that is important to each and every one of us.  In commercial settings, electronic waste is abundant.  Reducing this waste is something that has become an important priority in these settings.  Professional companies handle e-waste disposal and will come in and recycle or refurbish your used electrical components and equipment.

There are several simple ways to reduce the electronic waste that is put out by our companies and create a positive impact on the environment we live in.

Maintain and Preserve Instead of Change

Newer isn’t always better.  Many times we change equipment when it is unnecessary just because a new model has been introduced not when it is actually beneficial to the needs of the company.  Yes, technology is progressing and we like to keep it up to date so that we don’t fall behind within our industries; another way to do just that is with software upgrades.  When components fail you can replace them in order to maintain older equipment.

A simple example of this can be found by looking at home appliances.  When the refrigerator stops chilling food we don’t automatically look to purchase a new one.  Most of us hire an appliance repair company to evaluate the issue and quote us the cost to replace and repair the issue.  This happens to be less expensive nine times out of ten and reduces the environmental footprint we leave behind.

Choose to Recycle

Electronic waste is more toxic than other types and harder to break down.  When you throw away electrical components, lap tops, mobile phones, computers or computer parts you are negatively affecting the environment. Think about the amount of electronic waste that you alone create and multiple that over and over again.  Proper e-waste disposal needs to become a priority.  Many companies will properly dispose of and recycle electronic waste.  Most offer services where they will pick up the old hardware so that you don’t even have to be bothered at all.

Purchase Refurbished, Reconditioned or Repurposed Equipment

When a product is refurbished it means it has been taken back by the manufacturer and the defect has been repaired and rigorously tested.  Then they are sold at a discounted price because they are no longer in their original, factory package.  This doesn’t make them lower quality products.

Similarly, reconditioned products are components that have been used and repaired back to “new” to be sold again.  Reconditioned electrical components are popular within manufacturing and industry settings for their cost savings and ability to perform the same way a new product does at a steep discount.  Reconditioned components are taken apart, repaired, put back together and tested to ensure their reliability.

Repurposed equipment is taking something that once used for one project and using it for something new.  For instance, if a desk top has been used in the front office but is no longer keeping up with the demands of that department it is repurposed in an area that requires less out of it, perhaps as a machine that’s sole purpose is to create labels.  Repurposing instead of replacing is a great way to save money as well.

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