Christmas is right around the corner.  With holidays comes the stress of what to purchase for your significant other.  This stress is felt by so many couples.  Men tend not to think too deeply and therefore purchase something that is insulting or impractical as a gift.  While women tend to think of items that they would want, this is not exactly what a man wants as a gift.  A gift is supposed to be something impractical that one would not purchase for themselves.  You want to get an item that they will adore, something that shows them how much you think of them and what they mean to you.

Here is a guide that will help you shop without purchasing an insulting or impractical gift for your lady.


No matter what she says she needs for the kitchen or house in general appliances are a terrible gift idea. Blenders, knives, toasters and mixers are all items that should be bought as a gift to the house not to your significant other.  Items that will be used by both of you are not usually a good bet as a gift to another person, especially when the purchase involves them preparing a meal for you for you or cleaning your joint home.

Cleaning Supplies

This falls in line with the above.  A vacuum, carpet cleaner or window washer is all items that tell your spouse you are unhappy with how clean the house is.  Again, don’t ever bring one of these homes on Christmas, an anniversary or even a hallmark holiday like sweetest day.  They are not meant to be given as a gift to a spouse but rather a gift to your home for both of you to use.  Never tell a woman I bought you something and walk in with a vacuum.  Instead say I bought something that we can both use around the house to make cleaning easier.  Guarantee the results you will see with the second phrase are far better than the first.

Candles, Lotions and Bath Stuff

Let’s face it, purchasing a candle, lotion or items for the bath basically screams I put zero thought into this gift.  These are everyday items that she will purchase for herself and your home.  This is a cop-out gift.  It tells her you could think of nothing else and were in a last minute bind so you copped out.

Cheap Perfume

Never is it okay to go into a convenience store to purchase your significant other perfume.  If you are not purchasing perfume from a boutique or department store then it most likely does not need to be purchased.  Women love to smell good which cheap fragrances do not.  A reputable perfume will start at around fifty dollars for a few ounces.  A great way to figure out a scent that you both enjoy is to take her to the mall one day and pass by the perfume counter and test out a few fragrances.  She will never suspect a thing but may get a few ideas of what you like as well.

Fake Diamonds and Cheap Jewelry

Diamonds and jewelry given as a gift should always be the real thing.  Women can spot a fake a mile away.  Anything fake is best not given as a gift. This is a huge hint men.  Don’t pass off handbags, jewelry or gemstones as the real thing it will come back to bite you.  Holidays are the perfect time to give a gift that you have invested time and money into when it comes to jewelry.  Charm bracelets, watches and necklaces are always a favorite for women. Consider her taste in metal and stones and purchase something from a reputable jeweler that she won’t be able to put down on Christmas morning.  Jewelry that has special meaning to the two of you will be a sure favorite for years to come.

Consider yourself armed with knowledge now and head on out to find the perfect gift for your spouse this holiday season!  A little thought, a lot of romance and sensitivity equals one well played gift and one lucky gift receiver (and giver).