There are so many reasons to want to bring new life to your home and so many different ways to achieve it.  Homeowners must love their new remodel or home upgrade however; they should also remember that in the end it is also important to think about the long term.  This includes the quality of the improvement, the value it gives to the equity in the home’s value and if the upgrade is universal and will pleasing to many different buyers in the future.

Kitchen renovations give the best return on investment when you do decide to sell your home.  Simple kitchen upgrades are easy enough for home owners to do on their own while others should be left to a professional contractor.  Simply refinishing cabinets, replacing laminate counter tops, steel sinks, faucets and hardware can do a lot to update a kitchen with very little investment to a homeowner.  If looking for something more than this such as moving appliances and restructuring cabinets call in a professional kitchen remodeler.  It will save you money, time and sanity and frankly the money will be recouped in the end but the time and sanity those are things you can’t get back.

The exterior of your home is also an area that can bring a large return on your investment.  Not only will you improve the curb appeal of your home but also the homes’ equity.  New siding and trim is one of the only renovations that will not cause much turmoil to your families routine as well which is rare when thinking about home improvements.

The bathroom is another area that can also increase the value of your home.  Some major renovations in a bathroom are flooring, ceramic tiling, new fixtures and faucets and an upgrade in cabinets and vanities.  Major renovations that include the layout of the space should be really considered as that often adds expense that is not recouped in the end.

Another major exterior investment that helps increase the curb appeal as well as the home’s value is a deck or patio area installation.  A deck home addition adds an extra functional space for entertaining and play.  A deck can be made as cozy as the interior of your home with the latest inventions for outdoor entertaining such as screens to alleviate the presence of bugs or outdoor heaters that keep the chill at bay.

All home additions are worth the expense, stress and time spent if it is something that will improve the quality of your life and enhance the space in which you live.  Some also will help increase the value of your home as well while others are strictly done for the benefit of the homeowner while they are living within the space.  Basement renovations are hard to recoup.  You will see an increase in your home value but it may not be nearly what you spent on the renovations itself.  Doing too many renovations of this nature within your home can leave you upside down when it comes time to sell the home if you have renovated on the equity of your home.  Consider this before jumping head first into any major room renovation.