Investing in solar panels is an excellent step towards sustainable energy, but it comes with some challenges, particularly when birds and pigeons choose to nest beneath them. Understanding the problems caused by these unwelcome visitors is vital to keeping your solar panels and roof in quality condition. Whether a homeowner or a business owner, preventing your solar panels from becoming a haven for birds and pigeons is important. Front Range Pest can proactively help you preserve the functionality and integrity of your solar panels and roof, translating into cost savings and guaranteeing the well-being of those in your vicinity.

 Why Do Pigeons Like to Nest Under Rooftop Solar Panels?Birds and pigeons are drawn to nest beneath rooftop solar panels for several reasons:·         Protection/Shelter: The area under solar panels offers a safe and covered spot, sheltering them from harsh sunlight, and adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, or snow, and predators. ·         Warmth: As solar panels soak up sunlight, they emit heat. This retained warmth beneath the panels forms a perfect setting for birds and pigeons to nest and remain warm. ·         Seclusion: Typically, there is a slight gap between the solar panel and the roof, providing a peaceful nesting space for birds and pigeons, isolated from human activities and other disruptions. Damage Caused by Pigeons While Nesting Under Solar PanelsThe presence of birds and pigeons nesting under solar panels can lead to various types of damage, impacting not only the solar panels and roof but also posing potential health risks:·         Reduced Solar Panel Performance: The accumulation of bird droppings on the panels can obstruct sunlight, leading to decreased solar efficiency. ·         Roof and Panel Damage: Nesting can disrupt the normal water drainage and air circulation beneath the panels, resulting in water damage and potential overheating. This may cause long-term damage to both your roof and the solar panels. ·         Health Risks: Birds and pigeons are known carriers of diseases like Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, and E. coli, and can also host parasites such as bird mites. Their nests pose a health risk to you, your family, and your pets. ·         Higher Maintenance Needs: Regular cleaning and repairs are often necessary to keep your solar panels functioning properly and address pest-related issues. ·         Ongoing Costs: Consistent maintenance checks and cleanings are essential to maintain the integrity of your solar panels, which can lead to increased regular expenses.In addition, pigeons are loud. You will notice when they have begun to nest under your Solar Panels due to the noise that follows them. From scratching, scurrying, and chirping, your sleepless nights will begin. Pigeon Proofing Your Solar PanelsSolar panels are a significant long-term investment, making maintenance and optimal utilization crucial. Bird-proofing involves setting up a barrier around the edges of your solar panels to block pigeons and birds from accessing the area underneath. Once these birds cannot find refuge under your solar panels, they must seek shelter elsewhere. Thus, bird-proofing your solar panels emerges as an ideal and permanent solution to this problem. What Does Pigeon Proofing Services Include?·         Clearing out any present nests or pigeons from under the solar panels and the nearby vicinity, ensuring no birds remain trapped beneath the panels. ·         Thoroughly cleaning the solar panels and the general roof area by sanitizing the surfaces and eliminating bird droppings and nesting debris. ·         Implementing the pigeon-proofing solution you prefer. Available choices range from bird mesh wire or bird blockers, anti-roosting spikes, or a solar skirt (an aluminum edge fitting.)At Front Range Pest, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you address these concerns. We offer professional solar panel bird and pigeon-proofing services to keep your investment in tip-top shape. To schedule an inspection or learn more about our services, contact us today. Are pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Call Front Range Pest (970) 889-0425 for humane removal and prevention. ______________Front Range Pest is your trusted, family-owned pest and wildlife control company serving central Colorado and southern Wyoming. Our certified technicians have the expertise and credentials to ensure effective pest management for your home or business. As your all-in-one insect and wildlife specialists, we offer peace of mind by identifying wildlife entry points, removing nuisance pests, sealing access areas, performing cleanup, and making essential repairs. Schedule an inspection with us today.Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: