Overall, kitchens are adopting a cozier feel, a shift from sterile all-white designs to warmer wood cabinetry. Kitchen islands are growing in size and utility, resembling dinner tables with more welcoming L-shaped seating arrangements for better interaction. While blue remains a favored kitchen color, various shades of green are on the rise. Beyond traditional boundaries, kitchens are expanding their presence with refrigerator drawers in diverse spaces like bathrooms and home offices, accommodating beauty products and more. Additionally, home bars are making a resurgence as social gatherings return post-pandemic.

What does the kitchen of the year look like? We list the top twelve growing design trends of 2024 from top designers and the most recent report from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. 1. Outdoor dining with window walls – like restaurants with a garage door that opens for al fresco dining, homes are following suit to bring the outdoors inside with oversized windows and glass walls. 2. Kitchens that mimic the great outdoors – being one with nature is all the rage nowadays. Homeowners are layering neutral colors like warm whites, earthy greens, and textured wood tones to give a harmonious feeling in their kitchen. 3. Green is a recurring theme – designers agree that all shades of green, from deep saturated tones to soft, muted shades, are making a comeback on everything, including the walls, tiles, and cabinetry.   4. Building a more sustainable kitchen – people are utilizing more eco-friendly trends such as built-in recycling stations and energy-efficient appliances.  5. A large kitchen island – kitchen islands are becoming a more significant design focus, sometimes even doubling up (as big as 20 ft.) as opposed to two smaller ones.  6. Stainless steel refrigerators that are fingerprint-proof – new fridges incorporate smudge-proof finishes and LED lighting to keep your appliance more efficiently illuminated and clean.  7. Developing a ‘soft modern’ aesthetic – blending modern designs with classic elements such as a high gloss finish on cabinetry offsetting a matte wood finish for open shelving. Fusing European-inspired designs with contemporary ones will promote this aesthetically pleasing kitchen. 8. In-room coffee and cocktail bar – expand the kitchen into your bedroom, etc., with hotel-like amenities such as a built-in nook for a morning cup of coffee or a well-earned nightcap. Installing a refrigerated drawer in the home office to hold drinks and snacks or in the master bathroom to keep toiletries.  9. Beverage station – carving out a beverage station within your kitchen will become the #1 modification, according to design experts. People want a dedicated area to pour wine and make coffee.  10. Quartz countertops are the preferred choice – why? Because quartz countertops are low maintenance, highly durable, and easy to clean. Following in popularity is quartzite, then granite. 11. Minimalism is key – more people are leaning towards a functioning kitchen with a minimalist look, often with flat-panel designs, stain-resistant materials such as quartz, and plenty of storage space. Countertops that seamlessly extend into the backsplash are a plus, too. 12. Gold kitchen faucets are becoming more popular – it’s predicted that gold may surpass stainless steel and black finishes in 2024. Bronze and copper finishes for lighting fixtures will be popular as well.  Are you planning a kitchen upgrade for 2024? Then, contact us or call (810) 923-1123 for a free estimate. _________JFC Remodeling is committed to providing top-quality home reconstruction services to clients throughout Livingston County. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our licensed contractors create unique, individualized, and polished renovations. Whether the site requires an improvement, repair, or is a new construction, you can trust our experts to deliver remarkable results. Call or email us to learn more.Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com