When it comes to protecting yourself and your business against the uncertainties in life it is good to know you can rely on commercial business insurance.  As the owner of any business no matter how big or small you will face risks that you didn’t even know existed before becoming an entrepreneur.  Before cutting the ribbon on your new business it is imperative that you meet with an insurance agent that specializes in commercial insurance coverage.  They will be able to help you identify and define the risks within your industry as well as your specific needs.

Insurance for your business takes the risks involved and transfers them to a third party that you pay for.  It works just like insurance policies that you have on your home and automobiles. The insurance company chooses a set amount of money to charge for policies depending on the amount of coverage that is needed and the determined likelihood that it will be needed. Business insurance is risk management for owners.  If a loss occurs the business owner will establish a claim with the insurance company and their losses will be covered.  Without this coverage a business owner would be on their own to cover the loss occurred which could possibly bankrupt your business.

When it comes to insurance for your business there are several types of policies to consider.  An insurance agent will help you determine exactly which insurance policies are specific to your business.  From commercial property damage to professional liability this article will provide you with a brief description on what each does to support your business.

Worker’s Compensation

A worker’s compensation policy covers lost income as well as medical expenses to an employee if they sustain an injury or work related illness.  This policy pays to sustain the employee while hiring someone to cover the work that is in need of being done while the employee is healing.

General Liability

General business liability insurance provides coverage against negligence, product defects, and damage to property.  General liability is important in today’s lawsuit happy climate.  The protection provided to the business is to cover lawsuit expenses, medical payment and any other expense occurred in preventing loss to your business.

Commercial Property Damage

Property damage insurance provides coverage and compensation to business owners in case of loss due to natural causes including from weather created issues, fire damage as well as theft.  The coverage not only covers the physical business property and structure but also loss of equipment and materials that allow your business to function and exist.

Professional Liability

When it comes to certain professions professional liability is a must.  This type of insurance is provided for consultants, attorneys, tax advisors and other service industries. If you give advice or offer services of technical advice professional insurance protects you and your business against lawsuits stemming from that advice.

These are the four most basic types of coverage offered to business owners.  More in depth coverage may be needed or wanted.  This can be determined by consulting a local commercial business insurance agent.

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