In the latest pocket knife installment we talked about the different blade types available on pocket knives including the plain edge, the serrated edge and the combo.  When it comes to choosing a pocket knife the sky is the limit when it comes to combining your favorite aspects into one perfect knife.  Today we will talk more about the blade lengths available for pocket knives.

There are a wide range of pocket knife blade lengths from big, seven and a half inch blades to small, two inch blades.  It may seem insignificant when talking about a few inches but when it comes to a pocket knife blade it can make a colossal difference in what it can do for you.

A small pocket knife is classified by a blade that is less than 2.75 inches in length. A small blade is advantageous for many reasons.  The first is that they are small and not cumbersome to carry.  They are also widely acceptable to carry without having to worry about knife laws.  The problem with the small blade is that it can tend to be a bit weaker than larger blades.  Another issue is that due to their small size the locking mechanism is often left off of these knives.  Small pocket knives are perfect for everyday light use.

A pocket knife with a medium blade ranges between 2.75 inches in length and 4 inches.   This is where the average length of pocket knives most Americans carry falls. A medium size pocket knife is easy to carry and provides the benefits of a versatile larger knife blade.  The blades in this range also have the best options in locking mechanisms when it comes to pocket knives.  The locking mechanism promotes safety when doing more strenuous activities; helping to assure the blade doesn’t accidentally shut. Knives this size is more difficult to find than their smaller counterparts due to restrict knife laws that ban their use in certain areas.

Larger pocket knives with blades over 4 inches are also available.  Larger blades in pocket knives are more convenient to carry than their larger counter, the fixed blade.  A large pocket knife is mainly used for self-defense and tends to be impractical for everyday. The large blade tends to make the knives heavier which can make them cumbersome to carry in your pocket all the time.  You will also need to look into local knife laws that regulate the size of a knife blade that can be concealed within your pocket.

In our series so far on the pocket knife we have taken an in-depth look into the number of blades, the edge of the blade and now the blade length.  In our next edition we will look into the cost of pocket knives and the differences between the knives and brands at each price point. We will also look in greater detail into the blade type and what each is used for.  From there we will look at the different options in materials to create the ideal knife blade.  Be sure to check it out. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at