Animated image of a house with solar panels, an EV charger, storage batteries, and a backup generator connected to the electrical grid.

As winter approaches, people are looking for sustainable ways to stay warm and ensure they’re not left in the dark during power outages. If you’re considering living off-grid or merely want a reliable backup plan for blackouts, now is the time to think about incorporating solar panels, backup storage units, bi-directional EV charging, and generators. We break down these options for you to consider.

Harness the Power of the Sun Using Solar Panels

While winter days are shorter and cloudier, modern solar panels are efficient enough to harvest energy even in suboptimal conditions. To prepare:

  • Ensure your panels are angled correctly to maximize sunlight exposure.
  • Clean your panels before winter hits, removing any debris or dust that might reduce their efficiency.
  • Consider adding more panels if your current setup doesn’t produce enough energy for winter months.
  • Want to add solar energy to your estate? Contact State Electric Company to design and install rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels.

Save Energy for a Rainy (or Snowy) Day with Backup Storage Batteries

Having backup storage batteries is like having a safety net. These batteries store excess energy produced during sunny days and give you the power you need during outages.

  • Opt for lithium-ion batteries; they have a high energy density and are long-lasting.
  • Ensure your storage system is scalable, allowing you to add more batteries if needed.
  • Allows you the freedom of relying on fuel during blackouts.

Turn Your Electric Vehicle into a Power Source Using Bi-directional EV Charging

For electric vehicle owners, bi-directional charging allows energy to flow from your car’s battery back into your home.

  • Ensure your EV and home charging setup is compatible with bi-directional charging.
  • Always maintain a minimum charge in your vehicle, in case you need to drive somewhere in an emergency.
  • Are you new to electric vehicles and charging your EV? Contact State Electric Company for information to obtain bidirectional EV chargers for your home.

If Everything Else Fails, Count on an Automatic Backup Generator

Even with solar panels and storage batteries, it’s wise to have a generator on hand, especially during long outages and overcast days.

  • Choose a generator that automatically kicks in when your battery storage runs low.
  • Regularly maintain and test your generator prior to winter.
  • Contact State Electric Company to install or schedule your generator service/inspection

The weather is unpredictable, and the power grid is becoming less reliable, so with the right preparations, your home can be a source of sustainable energy, even off-grid. By harnessing the power of the sun, storing energy efficiently, having a backup plan with generators, and even utilizing your EV, you can face the cold months with confidence and sustainability in mind. Start your preparations now and cozy up to the idea of a self-sufficient winter!


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