Image of leaves on the ground waiting for fall cleanup services provided by T&T Property.

As the vibrant hues of fall leaves begin to blanket the ground and the winter chill starts to nip at our noses, Michigan businesses face the annual task of preparing their commercial properties for the colder months. While some may consider handling the cleanup and winterization in-house, hiring a professional crew, such as T&T Property Maintenance, can offer numerous benefits. Read on to learn more.

Professional Property Maintenance Provides:

Expertise and Knowledge

Professional crews come with expertise in the unique needs of commercial properties. From identifying areas prone to freezing to knowing the exact type of care required for different landscapes, an experienced groundskeeper can ensure that your property is aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional throughout winter.

Saves Time

Time is money, especially in business. Handling fall cleanup and winterization internally can divert your staff from their primary tasks, potentially costing you more in the long run. Professional crews have the tools, experience, and physical stamina to do the job efficiently, while letting your team focus on what they do best.

Specialized Equipment

Aiding in time management, professional landscapers and maintenance workers have specialized equipment designed for large-scale jobs. This ensures that work is done swiftly and effectively. It also helps to prevent potential damages that may occur by using inappropriate tools for the job.

Liability and Safety

The fall and winter can bring about slippery sidewalks, frozen pipes, and other potential hazards. Professional crews are trained to handle these risks. They can also help limit your business’s liability by ensuring that walkways, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas are clear and safe for employees and customers.


Although there’s an upfront cost to hiring a professional crew, consider the potential price in damages you may face from burst pipes, slip-and-fall accidents, or ruined landscapes come spring. Also, subpar curb appeal could even cost you a potential new client if your “front door” looks disorganized and unkempt. Investing now can save you a significant amount in future repairs and potential liabilities and attract new sales.

Tailored Services

Commercial maintenance crews can provide tailored services based on the specific needs of your property. Whether it’s ensuring that water features are properly shut down or placing protective coverings over sensitive plant areas, customization ensures your property gets the exact care it needs. Grass cutting and snow plowing can be set up into customized packages suitable for your business needs. 

Fall Lawn Maintenance & Winterization for Spring Landscapes

Preserving Your Landscape Investment

Your business’s landscape is an investment. A professional crew will clean up fallen leaves and take steps to protect plants, trees, and the turf from winter damage. Groundskeepers can wrap certain sensitive plants with plastic or burlap to help ensure your floral spaces remain vibrant and ready for new growth come spring.

This is also the ideal time to aerate and feed the lawn to ensure nutrients reach the roots during winter. Adding fertilizer can encourage root growth and promote a healthy green lawn in the spring. It’s important to remove dead leaves and weeds because they are unsightly and may also house pests looking for warm, dark areas to overwinter. Any new bulbs or shrubs should be planted during this time while dividing or purging overgrown perennials and removing any scraggly shrubbery. Before the hazards of ice storms, it’s imperative to trim any dead, damaged, or diseased branches from trees as well.

Commercial Maintenance: Your Peace of Mind

Preparing your commercial property for the colder months is an important task that should be taken seriously. Your property’s aesthetic appeal, safety, and functional integrity are at stake. Investing in a commercial maintenance company, such as T&T Property Maintenance, will give you peace of mind knowing someone else has your lawn care covered. With a professional, trustworthy grounds crew, you can focus on your business and enjoy a beautiful, manicured lawn and well-kept property.


Since 1997, T&T Property Maintenance has delivered a broad range of commercial property services, encompassing lawn care, landscaping, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, snow management, and tree services. Licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, we guarantee top-notch work every time. We cater to businesses of all sizes, offering seasonal/yearly packages and à la carte options. At T&T Property, we believe in ensuring every customer is fully satisfied. For further information, please contact us.

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