During the pandemic, many homeowners re-discovered their backyards. Prospective pool owners had them installed, while those who already had pools chose to renovate.

During 2020, pool installations jumped 24 percent, according to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. Some pool installation and renovation companies are booking well into 2023.

If you have been considering a pool renovation, act now and schedule today. Some factors to consider prior to renovating or building a pool include:

Water Type
Chlorinated, saltwater, or neither? You’ve undoubtedly heard the difference between the different types of pool cleansers, but have you heard of all-natural? BioNova is cleaned and maintained by biological filters: plants. Without chemicals, UV, or ozone, biofilm filters pools naturally and effectively.

There are several different types of pool materials, including concrete, gunite, fiberglass, etc. Each finish affects the design’s overall durability, installation timetable, and maintenance costs.

Shades of grey have been popular in homes and, you guessed it, pools. Natural surroundings are more apparent and better reflected with darker shades, specifically.

Pool Surround
Pools can be minimalist, old-fashioned, modern, or more. The area surrounding a pool is imperative to setting the mood. Quartz, limestone, concrete pavers, grass, artificial turf, etc., can be used to create a specific look.

Hot tubs, spas, covers, heaters, cleaners, and so much more are all helpful to minimize pool maintenance. LED lights are also ideal for nighttime swims, waterfalls, jets, etc., to accompany the dazzling display of moving water.

Are you ready to renovate your pool or want to learn more? Contact the pool renovation experts at Pound Pool Plastering today.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com.