The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported higher wages for electricians throughout 2020. The average salary was $61,550, with the median hourly pay being $29.59 per hour. The wages of electricians across the United States were analyzed, including apprentices who typically get paid less than experienced electricians. The national average was $60,370 in 2019 and $51,190 in 2018.

Areas with large populations and dense cities are generally where the most significant number of electricians reside. There are 78,970 electricians employed in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas combined.

The states that employ the highest number of electricians are:

  • California (71,010)
  • Texas (60,890)
  • Florida (41,900)
  • New York (36,310)
  • Ohio (23,430)

Higher demand for electricians results in a superior standard of pay for those in that area. Each state’s cost of living is also factored in, which results in higher averages in certain regions. Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. have somewhat elevated costs of living.

The states that pay the highest wages for electricians are:

  • Illinois ($81,650)
  • New York ($81,340)
  • Hawaii ($79,030)
  • District of Columbia ($79,030)
  • Oregon ($76,040)

The industries that employ the most electricians are:

  • Building Equipment Contractors (477,560)
  • Employment Services (21,160)
  • Local Government (13,780)

The highest-paying industries for electricians are:

  • Natural Gas Distribution ($106,280)
  • Land Subdivision ($99,780)
  • Technical/Trade Schools ($93,260)

According to the Electricians: Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of electricians is expected to expand by 8 percent by 2029, which is twice as fast as the average for all occupations. The introduction of alternative energy such as wind, solar, and battery power provides emerging work for electricians.

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